Getting Back on Track

Hi There!!!  Welcome Back!!  I know, I know…here we are again.  I’m getting back on track with the whole blogging situation.

I have some exciting news: I have lost 2 pounds!  This may not sound like a lot, but as a girl who is a mere 5’2″ (if I round up!), 2 pounds definitely shows.  I feel stronger in my abs, my clothes fit better and I feel comfortable wearing a 2-piece.  I guess I should say I feel more comfortable wearing a 2-piece.  We spent this weekend on a lake with some good friends and had a wonderful time!!



Here’s what I’ve been doing lately:

My Fitness Pal – I’ve done the whole record everything you eat through an app before (mostly Lose It! and Weight Watchers) and it would work out great for about a week and then I’d miss a day, figure I could skip another day, and then I would never update it again.


I can tell you that I have successfully tracked all my eats with My Fitness Pal (username: jmwhoward, let’s be friends!) for 2 weeks straight.  I do give myself 1 day per work as a “cheat day” where I don’t track anything.  That day this past week would be the day at the lake which would have looked like: an entire bottle of Skinnygirl mojito, chips, beer.

I have allotted myself roughly 1,200 calories per day if I don’t exercise. At first, I didn’t think that would be enough and I would definitely be hungry, but actually I’m not.  I have stuck with eating fruit which is pretty low in calories and keeps me full.  It definitely helps!  So far, so good!

Scheduling Exercise – Last week I planned out all my work outs ahead of time and I actually stuck to it!  So here’s the plan for this week:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 2 mile run & Fitnessista bridal bootcamp
Wednesday – Intervals on the elliptical
Thursday – No Limits Circuit class
Friday – Spinning class (my first one since high school!  I’ll definitely update you on that!)
Saturday – rest
Sunday – yoga

How do you stay on track?

Exhausting Weekend

Oh man!  How was your 4th?  Mine was jam-packed with an 8.5 hour car trip, a wedding shower and then another 8.5 hour car ride back.  I’m exhausted just typing it out!

I really want to get back into blogging because I miss it, I’m just too tired.  Sorry all!

I’m literally typing this with all the lights off and planning on going to bed.

See you tomorrow! 🙂

The Silence is Deafening

Holy Cow!  I know it’s been a super long time since I blogged and I’m so sorry.

Since I started my new job, it’s been really difficult to transition into my new routine, get acclimated to my new company, wedding planning and running a half marathon, blogging took a back seat.  The past three weeks have been a whirlwind, but I realized something: I MISS BLOGGING!  (does this all sound familiar?)  I know, it’s awful.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and will be sure to update in greater detail later:

1. New Job: My new job is wonderful!  It’s the perfect combination of creativity and business that I have been craving since I graduated college 3 years ago!



2. Running the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon



This is pre-race and it was on high alert because of heat.  We woke up at 4 am and it was already 70 degrees!  I’m going to write a full recap of the race, but I’ll warn you, it wasn’t pretty.  I finished, but it wasn’t pretty.

3. Wedding planning.  No pictures to show this, but we had 2 meetings the weekend of the half marathon that were quite exhausting.

4. Lack of sleep.  I didn’t sleep that well the weekend of the half and I still haven’t caught up.  Actually I’m quite exhausted now.

Instead of showering you with tons of words, I’ll for sure be writing some great recaps and getting back into the grove.  See you soon!

Why I’ve Been M.I.A.

Hi All!!  I absolutely know that I have been M.I.A. lately…how many times have I said that?  Is it getting as annoying for you as it is for me?

Well, there’s no point in going all the way back to Thursday (MY BIRTHDAY!) but I want to start fresh.  Here’s some things going on in my life:

1. I got a new job!!  Sales wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I started pursuing new jobs in marketing and putting some feelers out there.  And luck would have it that I stumbled upon a great job at a company that creates branded merchandise for big companies.  My technical title is Marketing Project Lead and essentially I am a project manager.  I am so excited for my new endeavor and I’ve been focusing on that the last week.  I am sorry that I have been missing, but this is why.  The blog is for me and only me, but the new job has taken precedent.  I will get back to this!

2. I went home for the weekend! It was wonderful.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my dad and went dress shopping with my mom for the wedding.  No dice but we’re getting closer.

3. I’m exhausted.


What I’m Loving Wednesday



This edition of What I’m Loving Wednesday is focused around one article from The Atlantic. 

It’s an article titled, “How to Live in a World where Marriage is in Decline.

As a woman who is about to embark on the new world of marriage, I found this article extremely interesting.  The most interesting fact is that every state has seen a decline in marriage in women aged 25-49, except Utah in the 1990s.  Those Mormons sure are into marriage.  (joking, I actually know quite a few Mormons from high school.  Come to think of it, they’re all married with at least one child, but I digress).

The article says that in order to reduce the decline in marriage we need to do reduce the disadvantages of unmarried parents.  This to me seems like it would be the opposite.  If you wanted to increase marriage, wouldn’t you want to reduce the advantages to being unmarried?

There are quite a few graphs in the article that don’t make much sense to this left-brained girl.  I’m just intrigued by any articles that discuss marriage because I’m at the time in my life when I want to learn all I can to have a successful marriage.

All in all, it’s an interesting read whether you believe it or not.

What do you think it takes to be in a successful marriage?

Happy 15th Birthday, SATC!

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the first episode of Sex and the City.



Sophomore year of college, my roommate and I would watch either Sex and the City or Friends on DVD before going to bed.  We eve had a die that would choose the season and episode we’d watch.  It was so fun!  She owned the SATC and I owned the Friends series.





This show changed television.  The fashion was incredible, the girl talk was spot on and New York was the fifth girlfriend.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha had the kind of friendships that couldn’t be broken by any man, a child or a credit card bill that was solely dedicated to Manolos.

What irks me about the show is that there is NO WAY Carrie could afford all those clothes, shoes and designer purses on a salary of a weekly columnist.  It certainly set a bad impression for us college girls who adore the Prada bags but need to pay rent.

And in the ever debate between Aiden and Big – my head would say to pick Aiden but my heart would say to pick Big.  I love how attentive Aiden is, but Big has the weak in the knees factor.  I’ll pick that factor anytime.

So, in honor of the 15 year anniversary, watch an episode, buy something you can’t afford and sleep with a stranger (with protection, of course).  That last one is specifically in honor of the show, not because I promote one night stands! 🙂

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

I spent my day celebrating…on the couch.  My stomach was killing me and it’s just not worth it to me to run when my stomach hurts.  It never ends well.  Sorry National Running Day.

It definitely hasn’t been my week when it comes to work outs….

MONDAY – Oh Mondays.  How I loathe thee.  Actually, it was a pretty good day.  I had a granola bar for breakfast, Jimmy John’s #4 with thinny chips for lunch, a salad with Bolthouse Bleu Cheese yogurt dressing as a snack and rice, chicken andouille sausage and peppers for dinner!

IMG_1089   IMG_1091   IMG_1093



And it was a rest day, so that’s pretty much Monday.

TUESDAY – For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that I went to the gym and realized I did the worst thing had happened.  I FORGOT MY HEADPHONES!! I mean, what are you supposed to do?!  Luckily, I had my phone and used my SWorkIT app.  This app is great because you can select what type of work out you want to do (I selected surprise!) and the amount of time (30 minutes).  It was great because it incorporate burpees, abs and arms.  I need to use this more!



I had a decent eating day, except for dinner.  My goal next week is to make healthy dinners!!  #obvi

I had a granola bar for breakfast.  And then went to Whole Foods (where else!) for a turkey cheddar panini, a side of Sicilian cauliflower (I will recreate this!) and some black honest tea.  Oh so wonderful!  And then pizza for dinner.

IMG_1095   IMG_1096   IMG_1098


WEDNESDAY – Ahh today.  What a great day.  And because it involved another trip to Whole Foods!!  Please note: I had an apple as a snack but forgot to take a picture…oops.  Let’s see, another granola bar for breakfast.  And then one of my favorite lunches: a salmon avocado roll, smoked mozzarella pasta salad and La Croix for lunch, with a side of chocolate mint gelato (Did you know on Wednesday’s there’s a gelato sale?).  And then, I had some chips with shredded cheddar cheese.  It just sounded good.

IMG_1099   IMG_1100   IMG_1101



Now, I sit in bed watching 30 Rock, completely exhausted and ready for bed.  Who’s looking forward to the weekend?