It’s a Sunny Day!

Okay, name that tv show?



If you guessed Sesame Street, you are correct!


I loved this show as a kid!  Who doesn’t love a big yellow bird teaching you the alphabet?

Let’s recap yesterday, shall we?

BREAKFAST – I’m a huge fan of on-the-go breakfasts lately.  It’s so easy to grab a granola bar and a piece of fruit and run out the door.  Monday was no different.  I ate a banana and a Luna chocolate dipped coconut granola bar.



1 large banana, 121 calories, 31g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 1.5g protein
1 Luna chocolate dipped coconut granola bar, 190 calories, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, 9g protein


This kept me full pretty much until lunch.

LUNCH – I went out to eat with some co-workers for lunch and it was so delicious.  We went to a restaurant in the area, Red Ox, where we split an appetizer and I had a salad.  So tasty!

As an appetizer, we ordered garlic bread and cream cheese dip.  It came highly recommended and was definitely worth it!  I had 2.5 bread sticks!


And then I ordered a chopped chicken club salad with grilled chicken, bleu cheese, gorgonzola dressing, tomatoes, onions, bacon and cucumber.  I didn’t even put a dent in this huge salad!


Here are my rough estimates for the calculations (it’s really hard to calculate a restaurant):
2.5 breadsticks with cream cheese (I used the calories at Pizza Hut because they tasted similar) – 350 calories, 47.5g carbs, 2.5g fiber, 12.5g protein
Chopped chicken club salad (I found a calculation that was based on Red Ox but it’s based on the whole salad and without dressing.  So, I divided these calories by 1.5 because that’s a little more than the portion but includes the dressing) – 407 calories, 12.8g carbs, 3.2g fiber, 44.7g protein (thanks bacon!)


Wow – that’s a lot!!

I didn’t exercise yesterday – woohoo rest day.  Although, I probably should have thanks to all those calories in lunch!

SNACK – I ate half a treat that someone brought into the office.  I have no idea what’s it was called, but I’m guessing it had about 150 calories because of the portion size.

I came home and it was time for taco night!

DINNER – A taco salad!  I had ground chuck, 2 crispy tacos, romaine lettuce, tomato. Mexican cheese and avocado.  It was quite delicious.  I didn’t even notice the lack of sour cream!



Breakdown –
2 crispy Oretga taco shells – 240 calories, 32g carbs, 4g fiber, 4g protein
Taco Meat – 90 calories, 7g protein
1/4 medium tomato – 22 calories, 4.82g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 1.08g protein
Romaine lettuce (1 cup) – 10 calories, 1.8g carbs, 1.2g fiber, .6g protein
Mexican cheese (1/2 cup) – 182.5 calories, .94g carbs, 11.5g protein
1/3 avocado – 107 calories, 5.6g carbs, 4.6g fiber, 1.3g protein


This didn’t fill me up all the way, so I had dessert.

DESSERT – Graham cracker with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips!  The man and I split this while we watched 30 Rock in bed!



1 graham cracker – 30 calories, 5.38g carbs, .2g fiber, .48g protein
1 tbsp peanut butter – 94 calories, 3g carbs, .95g fiber, 4g protein


This exercise is definitely helping me.  I definitely thought there couldn’t possibly be that many calories in a salad, but that is NOT true!

GRAND TOTAL – 1,993.5 CALORIES, 170.28G CARBS, 24.65G FIBER, 96.66G PROTEIN 

It’s safe to say that I ate too much yesterday and the calories didn’t come from the best foods.  But, now that I know, I’ll do better!


To Tired to Work Out?

The past few days have been absolutely exhausting.  On Monday, we drove back to Detroit from Chicago and all we wanted to do was curl up and watch TV.  And then, Tuesday was getting back into the groove of work and having zero food in the fridge.

That also meant that work outs haven’t happened.  I’m not sore from the long run on Saturday, but I definitely just haven’t felt up to going to the gym.  I can feel a difference in my muscles (or lack there of) and I’m sure the lack of energy comes from the lack of exercising.  I promise I’ll get back to it!

MONDAY – Car rides are never ones that promote healthy eating…

So, I started the day with a grande skinny hazelnut maachiato from the hotel Starbucks.  Oh so amazing.



And then it was time for lunch, so we swung by a Moe’s, which is kinda like Chipotle.  There are a few more options at Moe’s but it’s quite delicious.

I ordered the fish tacos, which, to my surprise, only has 360 calories per serving.  #score




The best part was that the tacos came with a small lime wedge to spread over the tacos.  (Sorry for the extremely blurry picture).

When we got home, I watched some Real Housewives of New Jersey and then ate a Panera strawberry poppyseed salad. And ,yes, I ate it in bed while watching the newly released Arrested Development.  #dontjudgeme



TUESDAY – I just couldn’t fall asleep Monday night, which meant that I didn’t have the greatest day on Tuesday.  The weather has been crazy here!  It’s gone from 85 degrees to Tuesday being about 50 degrees and rainy.  It’s horrible for my allergies and my spirit.

For breakfast, I had a leftover granola bar, which was stolen from my aunt’s pantry, or as we call it, the 7/11 because it’s full of all kinds of snacks!



And when it came time to eat lunch, when you have nothing in the fridge, and only about 15 minutes to eat, you go for fast food!




I went to Wendy’s with a co-worker and I ordered a homestyle chicken sandwich, a chili on the side and a lemonade.  It was delicious and absolutely kept me full for the rest of the afternoon.

I had several snacks on Tuesday.  A few chocolate chips, 1 pita pocket and Cheez-Its.  (See the housewives?)

IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1051


When it was time for dinner, neither of us felt like going full-blown grocery shopping, so we meandered to Whole Foods where I got a sushi roll and some sparkling lime water.  #delicious



I will get a good night’s sleep tonight and I will go work out!  I’m exhausted already!







Strength Training is the Best

Hi Everyone!

It’s Tuesday night as I type this and I can barely keep my eyes open, so let’s just dive right in to go over Monday and Tuesday.

BREAKFAST – I ate so much cantaloupe Monday morning.  It was glorious!!  I had coffee for breakfast on Tuesday because I had an early meeting and when I’m nervous, my stomach doesn’t want to eat anything.  Does your stomach get tied in knots and make you not want to eat?



LUNCHES – On Monday, I ate a veggie wrap with hummus from Trader Joe’s.  It was absolutely delicious!  In the wrap there was hummus (obvi), broccoli,  carrots and onions.  So yummy!  And only $4!  Yes please.  On Tuesday, lunch was catered for a meeting, so I had a turkey croissant sandwich, fruit and a chocolate covered rice krispie treat. So good!

IMG_1007                                   IMG_1010


SNACKS – Monday, I devoured a Clif Z Bar in chocolate brownie.  It’s so soft, which is something I look for in granola bars.  And then yesterday, I had a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.  (Do you like my bracelet?)

IMG_1008                                  IMG_1012

DINNER – I made some baked ziti on Monday, which I had with broccoli on the side.  And then yesterday, a quick trip to Wendy’s.  I don’t know why, but the man and I were both craving burgers.  Everything in portion control!  And I had a baked potato on the side.

IMG_1009 IMG_1013 IMG_1014


EXERCISE – Monday was a rest day.  Why are those my favorite days?  But, I enjoyed catching up on some shows and lounging around.  Tuesday, I went to the gym and completed 15 minutes on the arc trainer and then did strength training.  I did the slut machine (better known as inner thigh machine) at 100 pounds x 12 reps x 3 times.  Then I did the tricep machine at 20 pounds x 12 reps x 3 times.  Then I threw in some plie squats, v-ups and plank pose.  I can definitely tell that I’m getting stronger.  I used to do the slut machine at 85 pounds!

I weighed myself at the gym and I have lost 2 pounds this month!  Hey, I’ll take it.  I’m sure I gained it back from dinner, but it was worth it in my mind.  A burger is what I wanted!

Back to the Grind

Monday, yesterday, was a crazy day.  It was nice to catch up on everything and feel like I was contributing to the work force.  Do you have days when you look at the clock, realize it’s 5 and think, “What did I accomplish today?”  I hate those days!  Luckily, yesterday was a day where I could look at my to-do list and see that I really did cross off a lot of things!  #yay #productive

BREAKFAST – Yesterday morning’s breakfast was another bad one.  I just had some coffee and some fruit.  It wasn’t very good, but I haven’t been hungry in the morning lately.  Do any of you have similar situations?  What do you do?

LUNCH – Lunch was a delicious one!  Of course, it started at Whole Foods!  I had a salmon avocado roll made with brown rice.  Then I had one of the most amazing brownies I’ve ever eaten in my life.  It was definitely worth it to have the brownie.  My 8 mile run from Saturday is still burning calories, right?




It was a rest day, which you know I’m always glad to have!  This meant that the man and I had the chance to go to the grocery store.  We were super low on food, like literally, we had an onion.  So we loaded up our fridge and pantry with the fixings for the Skinny Enchiladas, some orzo and a the fixins’ for baked ziti, which I’ll share later!

DINNER – Dinner came together quickly in the form of frozen pizza and green beans.  





And then for dessert, a glass of white wine while watching the season finale of Revenge! Do you watch this show?!  The finale was amazing!!



(I tried super hard to capture the Revenge logo in this picture…I failed).

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my eats yesterday, outside the pizza.  We are really trying to cut back on eating those and we’ve done a really good job lately – convenience definitely trumped anything healthy yesterday.  How was your Monday?

Seis de Mayo

Seeing as the man and I drove through Cinco de Mayo celebrations, we decided to celebrate Seis de Mayo….6th of May, which is also my dad’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Let’s dig into yesterday, shall we?

BREAKFAST –  How horrible is this?  I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday?!?! I brought a Chobani Greek yogurt, but it just didn’t sound good.  And by the time I looked at the clock, it was already 11, so I just ate lunch.  I know it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast andI can’t believe I did, but live and learn.

LUNCH – It was gorgeous yesterday, so I went wtih some co-workers to Whole Foods (where else) to grab some grub and eat outside!  I swear I took a picture of my lunch, but apparently it was only for Snapchat, not with my actual camera.  (Are you guys using Snapchat?  It is actually really fun!  I highly recommend it.  You basically add your friends and then take a picture with a caption and send.  It’s super fast and the picture has a time alloted for the other person to view your picture.  It’s pretty cool).

At Whole Foods, I grabbed their 2 for $6 lunch options.  One was a smoked mozzarella pasta salad and the other was a salad with feta cheese and almonds.  It was so good.  I also grabbed an Arnold Palmer.  I love sitting outside.  It is the best!

No exercise last night, it was a rest day.  And since a rest day was scheduled, why go against that? 🙂

DINNER – TACOS!!!  Yes, real tacos, not turkos.  We went all out for our Seis de Mayo – I made homemade guacamole and I had a taco salad with lettuce, guac, sour cream and cheese.  Oh so delicious!  No margaritas were consumed, but I’m okay with that.  I think my body needs to detox from the weekend.



We consumed our dinner at the table while watching Revenge.  Are you watching this season?  It started off a little slow, I mean how can you beat season 1, but it’s redeemed itself!  I love it!!

What’s your favorite show this season?

Weekend Recap

Holy Crazy Weekend!  How was your weekend?

We traveled to southern Indiana for a friend’s wedding, which was a total blast!!  We drove to my parent’s house on Friday night to break up the drive and then headed to the ceremony.

It’s always wonderful to see 2 friends join together and look so incredibly happy.  I won’t be sharing too many pictures because I don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of friends (without their permission).

But, here’s to the happy couple!!


With such a busy weekend, I didn’t take too many pictures of what I ate – so I think I’ll just skip this weekend.  It was filled with candy, bagels, muffins and lots of wine and dancing!!

I don’t feel bad about everything I ate because I cut a rug, so much sweat involved.  To me, that’s always the sign of a fun wedding, how much dancing there is.  This one was an absolute blast!

I love a fun weekend and I’m so excited for the happy couple.

Today was back to reality and back to healthy eating.  Be sure to check back later!!

Balcony Weather

Well what a gorgeous Wednesday we had yesterday!  I mean, it was gorgeous.

If you follow my Twitter, you know that I skipped my run last night.  Sometimes, running to Whole Foods for sorbet and guac and then sitting on the balcony with the man is just far better than anything else!

BREAKFAST – This morning I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana.  I actually brought the entire Jif jar with me to work because I was too lazy to scoop some out and put in a Tupperware.  #lazy


The day was crazy yesterday!  A lot of people are out of the office for vacations, so I’m covering for a lot of people.  It makes the day crazy, but it goes so quickly, which I like.

SNACK – Around 11, I really wanted a snack, so I snack on some delicious (and in season) strawberries!


LUNCH – I went to Target over lunch to pick up some cards (so many birthdays and graduations this month!) and a cute gift bag for a wedding present for a friend!

I did eat a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and ranch dressing.  I apparently didn’t take a picture of it – probably because I was starving!

I worked through the day but wanted to get out as quickly as possible because of this deliciousness:


When there’s sun, there’s nothing I want more than to sit on the balcony with a nice, cold beer and the man!  So, last night, that’s what we did!


And you know what, I don’t regret it one bit!  I had a Stella (in my Salty Dog Cafe koozie) and the man had a Spotted Cow.

For those of you that don’t know, Spotted Cow is a beer from the New Glarus Brewing Company and they are based in Wisconsin.  Basically, that means that the man loves it!

Then, I had about half of this container of mixed berry sorbet from Whole Foods.


It is so light and refreshing, I didn’t even feel like I was eating anything.  And that was my dinner: chips and guac, beer and sorbet.  That’s healthy right?  Well, a balanced life is important.  I chose to have yesterday be about spending quality time with the man.  I’m okay with that!!

Here’s to another gorgeous day!