The Sandlot’s 20th Year!

Good Morning!  Happy June 13th to all of you!  Today is my birthday!  I am 25 years old!  I will write a post detailing what I did on my birthday tomorrow, but now I want to get into the last 2 days.

Man oh man has the weather in Michigan been PMSing.  It’s been gorgeous outside (like today) and then rain (like yesterday).  Luckily it only rained last night, but still, pick a season.

I’m going to blow through Tuesday and Wednesday’s eats so I can get the real fun stuff – The Sandlot! 

Breakfast –  
2 Eggo Whole Wheat Nutri-Grain Waffles with peanut butter and a banana.  This is a class breakfast that never fails. It’s filling, full of protein and potassium.  #yummy



2 whole wheat waffles – 170 calories, 26g carbs, 3g fiber, 5g protein
2 tbsp Jif creamy peanut butter – 190 calories, 8g carbs, 2g fiber, 7g protein
1 banana – 105 calories, 27g carbs, 31g fiber, 1.3g protein


This meal kept me full for quite a long time.  I was pleasantly surprised, actually, not really surprised, pleased is a better word.

Lunch – I attempted to recreate a recipe from Whole Foods for a smoked mozzarella salad.  It was an epic failure.  It tasted nothing like it!!  I won’t share the recipe since it didn’t turn out and I feel bad about that.  It looked so promising.



I think the main problem was that I added too much basil. I think it didn’t need it at all.  Note to self.  I did eat the peppers and the mozzarella cheese and a little bit of spinach.




LUNCH TOTAL (I took the calories from the Whole Foods smoked mozzarella pasta salad) – 262 CALORIES, 27.7G CARBS, 3.5G FIBER, 10.2G PROTEIN

I think this is actually too much, but that’s okay.

SNACKS – I had 2 snacks on Tuesday.  One included a trip to Starbucks and one was an apple.


I love me some skinny iced hazelnut macchiato.



And an apple.  Please note my signed copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere the book! <– Thanks, Meg!

1 grande skinny iced hazelnut macchiato – 180 calories, 35g carbs, 0g fiber, 10g protein
1 small Fuji apple – 109 calories, 29.27g carbs, 5.1g fiber, .56g protein


I actually exercised twice on Tuesday!  I mean, I did 20 minutes of stretching, which isn’t even worth calculating the total of calories burned, but it’s worth mentioning.

EXERCISE – Some “yoga” and running 4 miles.



I set out to run 11 miles, but the trail was getting pretty dark and looks like this:



I have seen too many Law and Order: SVU episodes to run with a clear mind when the trail is deserted and completely lined with trees.  Yes, I know I’m paranoid.


By the time I was done running, I wasn’t even hungry.  So I ate another banana (not picture) and had 2 graham crackers with PB, chocolate chips and honey!



1 banana – 105 calories, 27g carbs, 31g fiber, 1.3g protein
4 total honey graham crackers – 120 calories, 21.5g carbs, 8g fiber, .19g protein
2 tbsp peanut butter – 190 calories, 8g carbs, 2g fiber, 7g protein
1 tbsp honey – 64 calories, 17g carbs, 0g fiber, .1g protein
1 serving mini chocolate chips – 70 calories, 9g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g protein


TUESDAY TOTAL CALORIES – 1,565 CALORIES CONSUMED, 235.41G CARBS, 85.6G FIBER, 41.16G PROTEIN (net calories after run is 1,115 calories).  I’m quite pleased with this.  I had whole foods and exercised.  If I did this every day, we’d be in great shape….

…which brings us to Wednesday!

Breakfast – The day started off really well, with a banana, Chobani Greek yogurt and some granola.






1 banana – 105 calories, 27g carbs, 3.1g fiber, 1.3g protein
1 Chobani strawberry banana Greek yogurt – 160 calories, 19g carbs, 1g fiber, 14g protein
1/4 cup vanilla almond crunch granola – 120 calories, 22g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g protein


This breakfast was quite filling and I didn’t get hungry for lunch until 12:30!

Lunch – Of course a trip to Whole Foods was in order.  Why not?  I purchased a La Croix lime sparkling water and a salmon avocado roll with multi-grain rice.  Supper yummy!  I really like adding flavored sparkling water to the mix.  It’s still drinking water but isn’t boring!




Not too bad.  But then, I ate some snacks!

SNACKS – I had 2 long Tootsie Rolls because they were in the office, and when was the last time you had a Tootsie Roll?  But then I was healthy and had an apple…but then I had some Graeter’s mint chocolate chip ice cream.  YOU MUST GET THIS CINCINNATI ICE CREAM!  I used to go to the storefronts all the time as a kid and now it’s sold in Whole Foods.  It’s the best ice cream because it’s got HUGE chunks of dark chocolate, yes please!






2 Tootise Rolls – 70 calories, 14g carbs, 0g fiber, .6g protein
1 Fuji apple – 109 calories, 29.27g carbs, 5.1g fiber, .56g protein
1.2 cup Graeter’s mint chocolate chip – 300 calories, 31g carbs, 0g fiber, 3g protein


So those snacks weren’t so great, but they were delicious.

And then it came to an Italian dinner!  We love Italian food.  We love pasta.  We love bruschetta.  So that’s what we had!

Dinner – homemade bruschetta on Italian bread, Barilla plus spaghetti over Mario Batali sauce and roasted veggies.  All I did to roast the veggies was preheat the oven to 450 degrees, put cauliflower and a little bit of broccoli in mixing bowl, 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil and a few tbsp of garlic salt and then cook for 17 minutes.  So easy and amazingly delicious!





2 servings of bruschetta – 204 calories, 34g carbs, 2.4g fiber, 6g protein
2 oz pasta – 210 calories, 28g carbs, 4g fiber, 10g protein (the plus gives it all the protein)
1/2 cup sauce – 70 calories, 6g carbs, 1g fiber, 2g protein
1 tbsp Parmesan cheese – 22 calories, .2g carbs, 0g fiber, 1.9g protein
Roasted veggies – 100 calories, 5g carbs, 2.5g fiber, 2.8g protein



All in all, Wednesday wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but definitely too many carbs consumed.  But, it wasn’t over 2,00 calories which is my goal never to go over!!  Job well done!


Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of The Sandlot.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE!  Not only is it about baseball, which I love, it’s got some great one liners.  “You’re killing me, Smalls” is my all-time favorite.  “FOR-E-V-E-R.”  “The Great Bambino.  Oh, I thought you said the great bambi.”


Naturally, when I was wandering the aisles of Target and I stumbled upon a dvd of this glorious movie for only $5, I had to snag it and watch it on the anniversary!

Side note: Did you know Smalls’ mom is actually Katie from Animal House?  (I also am a huge fan of Animal House).  MIND BLOWN!

As Katie (Source)



As the mom (Source)

She looks pretty darn good!!  Classic movie! 🙂

And if you’ve read this whole thing, please email me and I will send you a prize!

It’s a Sunny Day!

Okay, name that tv show?



If you guessed Sesame Street, you are correct!


I loved this show as a kid!  Who doesn’t love a big yellow bird teaching you the alphabet?

Let’s recap yesterday, shall we?

BREAKFAST – I’m a huge fan of on-the-go breakfasts lately.  It’s so easy to grab a granola bar and a piece of fruit and run out the door.  Monday was no different.  I ate a banana and a Luna chocolate dipped coconut granola bar.



1 large banana, 121 calories, 31g carbs, 3.5g fiber, 1.5g protein
1 Luna chocolate dipped coconut granola bar, 190 calories, 25g carbs, 3g fiber, 9g protein


This kept me full pretty much until lunch.

LUNCH – I went out to eat with some co-workers for lunch and it was so delicious.  We went to a restaurant in the area, Red Ox, where we split an appetizer and I had a salad.  So tasty!

As an appetizer, we ordered garlic bread and cream cheese dip.  It came highly recommended and was definitely worth it!  I had 2.5 bread sticks!


And then I ordered a chopped chicken club salad with grilled chicken, bleu cheese, gorgonzola dressing, tomatoes, onions, bacon and cucumber.  I didn’t even put a dent in this huge salad!


Here are my rough estimates for the calculations (it’s really hard to calculate a restaurant):
2.5 breadsticks with cream cheese (I used the calories at Pizza Hut because they tasted similar) – 350 calories, 47.5g carbs, 2.5g fiber, 12.5g protein
Chopped chicken club salad (I found a calculation that was based on Red Ox but it’s based on the whole salad and without dressing.  So, I divided these calories by 1.5 because that’s a little more than the portion but includes the dressing) – 407 calories, 12.8g carbs, 3.2g fiber, 44.7g protein (thanks bacon!)


Wow – that’s a lot!!

I didn’t exercise yesterday – woohoo rest day.  Although, I probably should have thanks to all those calories in lunch!

SNACK – I ate half a treat that someone brought into the office.  I have no idea what’s it was called, but I’m guessing it had about 150 calories because of the portion size.

I came home and it was time for taco night!

DINNER – A taco salad!  I had ground chuck, 2 crispy tacos, romaine lettuce, tomato. Mexican cheese and avocado.  It was quite delicious.  I didn’t even notice the lack of sour cream!



Breakdown –
2 crispy Oretga taco shells – 240 calories, 32g carbs, 4g fiber, 4g protein
Taco Meat – 90 calories, 7g protein
1/4 medium tomato – 22 calories, 4.82g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 1.08g protein
Romaine lettuce (1 cup) – 10 calories, 1.8g carbs, 1.2g fiber, .6g protein
Mexican cheese (1/2 cup) – 182.5 calories, .94g carbs, 11.5g protein
1/3 avocado – 107 calories, 5.6g carbs, 4.6g fiber, 1.3g protein


This didn’t fill me up all the way, so I had dessert.

DESSERT – Graham cracker with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips!  The man and I split this while we watched 30 Rock in bed!



1 graham cracker – 30 calories, 5.38g carbs, .2g fiber, .48g protein
1 tbsp peanut butter – 94 calories, 3g carbs, .95g fiber, 4g protein


This exercise is definitely helping me.  I definitely thought there couldn’t possibly be that many calories in a salad, but that is NOT true!

GRAND TOTAL – 1,993.5 CALORIES, 170.28G CARBS, 24.65G FIBER, 96.66G PROTEIN 

It’s safe to say that I ate too much yesterday and the calories didn’t come from the best foods.  But, now that I know, I’ll do better!

Does Tennis Count as Cross-Training?

Wow!  I know I’ve said it before, but this past week has flown!

I have been pretty bad with my eating lately and I would like to blame it on Aunt Flow.  She is bit*ch.

Let’s do a recap of the last few days.  Prepare yourself.  It’s going to be a long one!!

THURSDAY – Isn’t that crazy that the last time I blogged about my food was Thursday?!  AHHH!  So sorry.

Thursday started out at my favorite breakfast shop: Starbucks.  I ordered a grande skinny hazelnut macchiato.  According to Starbucks’ web site, this is 190 calories.  This calculation includes full-fat syrup and I always get a skinny, which is non-fat milk and sugar-free syrup.  So, over calculations!!


Lunch on Thursday was a delicious sub from a local sub shop: Dibella’s.  It’s described as ‘old fashioned submarines’ and it’s pretty much amazing.  I’ve ordered their veggie before but on Thursday, I ordered a small (6.5″) turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onion and yellow mustard on toasted multi-grain bread.  It was amazing!  If you’re ever in Michigan, I highly suggest this place for a sub.


Snacks – I love snacks.  Like really love them.  My snacks were a combination of good and bad.  I had strawberries…and then I had a chocolate chip cookie.  But that cookie was so delicious!



I don’t remember what I had for dinner.  I’m pretty sure I went to the gym…can’t remember.  This is why I need to write DAILY!

FRIDAY – Friday was a really good day.  I went to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then a great arm workout.  I was definitely sore.

Friday started out just the way I like it: with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and peanut butter.  So filling.


And then lunch was completely random, but I was home and was lazy.  I heated up some taquito’s with some light sour cream.


Snack – I had a Nature Valley Granola Thin.  I forgot how amazing these are!


DINNER – Friday’s dinner was pretty random.  The man plays in a soccer league and doesn’t usually get home until about 8, so I’m always starving!  To combat my hunger, I made a salad with romaine lettuce, broccoli and carrots covered in Bolthouse Farm’s creamy yogurt blue cheese dressing.  Seriously, this stuff is amazing! And it’s only 35 calories.


Then, when the man got home, we decided to order some take out Chinese food.  I know, I know, Chinese food is super bad for you…but I didn’t eat that much.  #portioncontrol  I ordered the sweet and sour chicken and rice.  I probably had 1.5 servings.


We spent the night snuggled up in bed watching our own Law and Order: SVU marathon.  Who doesn’t love Olivia and Elliott?  They just make me so happy!

SATURDAY – A crazy Saturday.  We had lots of errands to run (including going to a car dealership to shop for a new car!) and then I just wanted to sleep.  I did about 20 minutes of yoga as exercise and I feel really good.  After our errands, we came home and played tennis for a little over an hour.  The man is super great at tennis and I want to be.  We hit back and forth and got some really good volleys going.  The good news is, I woke up Sunday morning and my arms were sore!  Probably a combo of Friday’s work out with tennis moves that I’m not used to.  What a fun day!

BREAKFAST –  Before we did anything, we ate breakfast.  I ate 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with strawberry jam and butter.  So delicious.



We ran our first errand, and then swung by the man’s all-time favorite place: Chipotle.  Anytime we do anything wedding related or something he doesn’t really want to do, I bribe him by saying we can go to Chipotle for lunch!  Works every time!

LUNCH – I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, chicken, guacamole, lettuce and cheese.  It was quite tasty.   I think I’ll be ordering the brown rice from now on!



Then, we went to one of my favorite places:




I love this store.  Although I can’t really afford the majority of the clothes in there, I left with pair of blue earrings and the ‘J’ mug. Score!

SNACKS – My main snack, another trip to Starbucks, but this time, it was for an iced skinny hazelnut macchiato!



And a trip to the mall would not be complete without a trip to Godiva!  I ordered a chocolate dipped macaroon.  #yummy




DINNER – Leftover Chinese while watching The Dilemma on E!  I had low expectations for this movie, but it was actually pretty good!  I love Vince Vaughn.

I can’t believe it’s Sunday, but it’s time to start dinner!  How was your weekend?


Wow – is Tuesday already over?  It’s crazy that I haven’t blogged in a few days and I must say, I miss it!

Blogging gives me such a creative outlet that I crave.  I must have this outlet.  It not only keeps me (mostly) on track with my (mostly) healthy habits, it gives me the creativity that I don’t have in my work environment.

Let’s jump to what’s been happening recently!

FRIDAY – Doesn’t Friday seem like it was so long ago?  I did the normal Friday activities – go to work, come home, hang out with man!  Let’s see, what I ate: a chocolate granola bar and banana for breakfast (sorry for the blurry picture).  And a lovely co-worker brought in Starbucks for everyone!  I ordered a grande skinny carmel maachiato.  Oh how it makes me feel like summer!  Speaking of summer, every other Friday during summer, my office has ‘hot dog Friday.’  It’s definitely not on the healthy list, but I ate some pasta salad, fruit, a hot dog with ketchup and a cookie!  It was pretty good.

IMG_1067   IMG_1068   IMG_1069


Then it was time to come home and r-e-l-a-x!  Bravo was playing a TON of Real Housewives of New Jersey re-runs and I recorded a bunch of them.  I watched an old reunion (like season 2, see Danielle Staub?!) as an ate a banana. And then I had some carrots.  (I guess my lunch wasn’t exactly nutritious).  And then I did about 30 minutes of yoga.  It was wonderful to stretch out all my running muscles.  I can definitely feel a difference when I am stretched and when I’m not.  I need to do this more often!





IMG_1070   IMG_1071   IMG_1072


Then it was time to make dinner.  On the menu: our favorite caprese pasta.  It’s basically a caprese salad over pasta.  I cut up mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil, mix with pasta and garnish with olive oil, salt and pepper.   We could eat this every day.  We enjoyed dinner and prosecco (a lovely celebratory gift from the man!  I’ll explain why we were celebrating at a more appropriate time) while watching Invictus.  

IMG_1073   IMG_1074

Also on the menu was a side salad of romaine lettuce with some Bolthouse Farms bleu cheese yogurt dressing.  Oh man, is that stuff good!!



IMG_1075   IMG_1076

SATURDAY – A lovely relaxing weekend should always begin with pancakes.  I made quick pancakes, covered 2 with butter and syrup, with a side of strawberries and bananas.  Oh so delicious.  Then for lunch, I had the remainder of the taco beef for a salad which I topped with cheese, sour cream and cherry tomatoes.  I love taco salads!  We went over to a friend’s apartment for her birthday and dinner consisted of fruit, fruit dip, pretzel crisps and some dip.  It was oh so delicious.  I know I had some other snacks, probably some Cheez-It’s, but I didn’t snap a picture.

IMG_1077   IMG_1078   IMG_1080


Before lunch I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the arc trainer on hills and then did some arm weights.  It was a really good work out!!

We also did a bad thing and went shopping!  I got a new dress at LOFT and the man splurged and got 2 new suits.  It was an expensive day.  And at the mall there is a pet store that lets you go into a little room and play with puppies….so…..we played with this little guy for a few minutes!  He was so cute and I really, really want a puppy, but it’s just not the right time for us.  But look at how cute!?



SUNDAY – A glorious running day!!  It was perfect weather and I went with 2 friends for a 6 mile run that was quick and included lots of hills and sprints.  I felt great afterwards and really excited for the race in a few days.

Before the run, I ate 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with a banana, peanut butter and chia seeds.  Oh so filling and perfect for a pre-run meal.  And as a reward, we all got Starbucks.  This time, I ordered a skinny hazelnut maachiato.  OH MY GOSH!  This gave the carmel a run for it’s money.  I think I will be drinking this all summer!  After I got home, I showered and ate a granola bar.

IMG_1083   IMG_1084   IMG_1085

Pretty much the rest of the afternoon was spent in front of the TV watching re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I don’t care, it was perfect!  We ate dinner pretty early because I was starving and dinner consisted of pizza fries and marinara sauce.  It reminded me of college when my roommate and I would go to the hall store, order pizza fries and watch Project Runway.  Oh how college rocked!!  It’s not healthy, but, hey, 6 miles completed!  And then an apple while watching re-runs.  #juicyjoeisnotjuicy

IMG_1086   IMG_1088


It was a wonderful weekend!!!  I’ll recap Monday and Tuesday tomorrow.  Holy cow!!!  How was your weekend?

A Mexican Thursday

TGIF! I seriously can’t believe it is Friday. This week flew by, in a good way.

The weather here in Southeast Michigan has been a roller coaster. One day its 85 degrees and the next its raining and 40. It’s been horrible for my mood and my allergies. Yesterday it got dark all of a sudden, started pouring rain and then stopped 5 minutes later. I guess that’s what happens with summer thunderstroms, but it makes me just want to curl up in a ball and watch a movie on the couch. I wonder what I’ll be doing this weekend?!

Let’s dive into how I fueld my body yesterday. Side note: I normally don’t look at food as fuel, but rather as a delicious event that fills my soul.

BREAKFAST – A quick and easy breakfast is always on my mind. So, a banana and a granola bar is definitely a constant choice.




I know I’ve said that these granola bars are really small, but I bought them and need to finish them.

LUNCH – One of the positive of working form home on certain days is being able to make what I want for lunch.  I was in the mood for some cheese, so I made a cheese quesadilla in a whole wheat tortilla, a side of light sour cream and strawberries.  It was surprisingly filling.


I kept working throughout the afternoon and then it was time for a snack.

SNACK – Some yummy cottage cheese.



In hindsight, this wasn’t a good choice for me.  About an hour after eating this, I headed to the gym for some fitness.  I had it in my mind that I would do some cardio on the elliptical and then weights.  Well, my body had other insights.

I got on the elliptical (side note: the woman next to me was wearing a top that was mesh in the back and no bra….) and after about 3 minutes my stomach started cramping up like you wouldn’t believe.  I wanted to push through it, but after 20 minutes, I just couldn’t keep going.  I got off and did some stretching.  It wasn’t a great work out, but I had to listen to my body.  I had a thought that I was lactose-intolerent because of this, but I’m not sure.  Do you run into these issues?

DINNER – I sat on the couch for an hour before it was dinner time.  I wasn’t really hungry, but knew I’d be starving if I didn’t eat.  So…tacos!  Talk about a Mexican day.



I made a taco salad with romaine lettuce, ground chuck, 2 crispy taco shells, a few cherry tomatoes, 2 dollops of sour cream and some cheese.  It was delicious.  I love how the shells add crunch to the salad.  It’s much needed.


Long Weekends are the Best

Happy Memorial Day!  First and foremost, I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to all the men and women who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces.  America’s people are free because of you.

This Memorial Day weekend was spent in Chicago, IL for my cousin’s high school graduation.  No one loves the actual graduation ceremony, but it is so special to celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments!  I was 7 when my cousin was born and I have seen him grow up into a wonderful young man.  Boy, how time flies!!

FRIDAY – Working from home is a large perk of my current job.  I am taking a few online training courses and it’s so much nicer to do that from the couch then at a desk.

The other positives, Keurig for breakfasts!


And for eats, some vanilla Chobani and chocolate granola.


When lunch rolled around, I heated up some baked ziti.  It was quite delicious.


And then I had my favorite snack of all time – peanut butter and apples.



Another snack – some kettle chips.  I watched Real Housewives of New Jersey re-runs on Bravo.  (In case you were wondering, the new season starts June 2!)



When dinner time rolled around, neither of us wanted to cook.  So, we got into the car and headed to Smash Burger.

I ordered a grilled chicken cobb sandwich, which was supposed to have avocado on it!  It didn’t.  And, I’m still upset about it!  But the sandwich was actually really, really good.  I did have a few fries, too.  The night was spent lounging on the couch and hanging out.  We had an early morning the next day.


SATURDAY – I woke up early for a Saturday (like 7:15) to run 10 miles.

Before the run, I snacked on 2 graham crackers and some peanut butter.


This pre-run snack actually held me over for the entire 2 hours of running.  #impressive

The run was great!  It was only about 45 degrees and the sun was coming up, it was great.  Once I hit mile 4.5, I was cruisin’.  It’s definitely getting me excited for the race!!

Then it was time to hit the road to Chicago….But first, a stop to Panera.


I ordered a hazelnut coffee and a cinnamon scone.  I only had a few bites of the scone but it was delicious!  I ate my scone while reading the latest issue of Marie Clare.  I love that magazine because it’s not just about fashion, it also reports on world issues.


And then, 5 hours later, we arrived in Chicago!!  When we got to my aunt and uncle’s house, we chowed down one appetizers, including hummus and corn dip.  I also made myself 2 vodka tonics.  Gotta love a full bar!

Dinner was delicious, except I didn’t eat the main course.  It was pulled pork sandwiches and BBQ sauce and my stomach just do not agree.  So, I had some Portillo’s salad, some potato salad and 2 deviled eggs.  Of course, chocolate cake was devoured!


SUNDAY – Graduation Day!!  We awoke early in the morning and chowed down on some yummy breakfast!  I had some egg bake, fruit, a little bit of monkey bread and a chocolate-covered peanut butter bar, with a side of orange juice.  So yummy!


Then we headed off to graduation, which was pretty long with 600+ kids in the class.  With a last name towards the end of the alphabet, we made sure to bring snacks!!!


This picture shows the gushers wrapper under our seats…there were also some granola bar wrappers. Hey, we had to sit for a long time!

My family and I went back to our hotel for some appetizers before heading over to my cousin’s graduation dinner.  My mom, sister and I split a bottle of Prosecco and we ordered a cheese board and some hummus dips.

                                IMG_1035                    IMG_1036

Then over to Maggiano’s!


I had a little bit of everything.  It was amazing.  It was great to sit around with family, tell funny stories about Corey and my uncle gave a heartfelt speech.  It was relaxing and perfect!

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Where has this week gone

Is it really Thursday?! Sorry I didn’t post anything last night, I was super busy with some work stuff!  Depending on how everything goes, I’ll be sure to blog about it.  But, let’s jump into yesterday!

BREAKFAST – An apple!!  I’m on an apple kick lately.  And, you know what they say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”  I don’t know if that’s true, but, hey, thy are delicious.



I didn’t take a picture of my lunch because I was out with a customer and didn’t want to be super weird.  But, we went to Pei-Wei, which is an Asian diner.  I did order an Asian chicken chopped salad, which has 420 calories per serving.  I think I did eat about one serving, maybe 1.25.  It was a huge salad!!  The salad was comprised of chopped chicken, assorted lettuce, cabbage, carrots, Thai basil, tomatoes, crispy wontons, toasted sesame seeds and sesame ginger dressing.  It was super delicious and I would definitely order it again.

DINNER – PIZZA.  No body wanted to cook last night, so we popped in a frozen pizza and I had 3 pieces with a side salad.




I didn’t work out last night because (honestly) I didn’t feel like it.  And, you know what, I’m okay with that!