Why I’ve Been M.I.A.

Hi All!!  I absolutely know that I have been M.I.A. lately…how many times have I said that?  Is it getting as annoying for you as it is for me?

Well, there’s no point in going all the way back to Thursday (MY BIRTHDAY!) but I want to start fresh.  Here’s some things going on in my life:

1. I got a new job!!  Sales wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, so I started pursuing new jobs in marketing and putting some feelers out there.  And luck would have it that I stumbled upon a great job at a company that creates branded merchandise for big companies.  My technical title is Marketing Project Lead and essentially I am a project manager.  I am so excited for my new endeavor and I’ve been focusing on that the last week.  I am sorry that I have been missing, but this is why.  The blog is for me and only me, but the new job has taken precedent.  I will get back to this!

2. I went home for the weekend! It was wonderful.  I celebrated Father’s Day with my dad and went dress shopping with my mom for the wedding.  No dice but we’re getting closer.

3. I’m exhausted.



One thought on “Why I’ve Been M.I.A.

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