Happy 15th Birthday, SATC!

Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the first episode of Sex and the City.



Sophomore year of college, my roommate and I would watch either Sex and the City or Friends on DVD before going to bed.  We eve had a die that would choose the season and episode we’d watch.  It was so fun!  She owned the SATC and I owned the Friends series.





This show changed television.  The fashion was incredible, the girl talk was spot on and New York was the fifth girlfriend.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha had the kind of friendships that couldn’t be broken by any man, a child or a credit card bill that was solely dedicated to Manolos.

What irks me about the show is that there is NO WAY Carrie could afford all those clothes, shoes and designer purses on a salary of a weekly columnist.  It certainly set a bad impression for us college girls who adore the Prada bags but need to pay rent.

And in the ever debate between Aiden and Big – my head would say to pick Aiden but my heart would say to pick Big.  I love how attentive Aiden is, but Big has the weak in the knees factor.  I’ll pick that factor anytime.

So, in honor of the 15 year anniversary, watch an episode, buy something you can’t afford and sleep with a stranger (with protection, of course).  That last one is specifically in honor of the show, not because I promote one night stands! 🙂


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