Wow – is Tuesday already over?  It’s crazy that I haven’t blogged in a few days and I must say, I miss it!

Blogging gives me such a creative outlet that I crave.  I must have this outlet.  It not only keeps me (mostly) on track with my (mostly) healthy habits, it gives me the creativity that I don’t have in my work environment.

Let’s jump to what’s been happening recently!

FRIDAY – Doesn’t Friday seem like it was so long ago?  I did the normal Friday activities – go to work, come home, hang out with man!  Let’s see, what I ate: a chocolate granola bar and banana for breakfast (sorry for the blurry picture).  And a lovely co-worker brought in Starbucks for everyone!  I ordered a grande skinny carmel maachiato.  Oh how it makes me feel like summer!  Speaking of summer, every other Friday during summer, my office has ‘hot dog Friday.’  It’s definitely not on the healthy list, but I ate some pasta salad, fruit, a hot dog with ketchup and a cookie!  It was pretty good.

IMG_1067   IMG_1068   IMG_1069


Then it was time to come home and r-e-l-a-x!  Bravo was playing a TON of Real Housewives of New Jersey re-runs and I recorded a bunch of them.  I watched an old reunion (like season 2, see Danielle Staub?!) as an ate a banana. And then I had some carrots.  (I guess my lunch wasn’t exactly nutritious).  And then I did about 30 minutes of yoga.  It was wonderful to stretch out all my running muscles.  I can definitely feel a difference when I am stretched and when I’m not.  I need to do this more often!





IMG_1070   IMG_1071   IMG_1072


Then it was time to make dinner.  On the menu: our favorite caprese pasta.  It’s basically a caprese salad over pasta.  I cut up mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil, mix with pasta and garnish with olive oil, salt and pepper.   We could eat this every day.  We enjoyed dinner and prosecco (a lovely celebratory gift from the man!  I’ll explain why we were celebrating at a more appropriate time) while watching Invictus.  

IMG_1073   IMG_1074

Also on the menu was a side salad of romaine lettuce with some Bolthouse Farms bleu cheese yogurt dressing.  Oh man, is that stuff good!!



IMG_1075   IMG_1076

SATURDAY – A lovely relaxing weekend should always begin with pancakes.  I made quick pancakes, covered 2 with butter and syrup, with a side of strawberries and bananas.  Oh so delicious.  Then for lunch, I had the remainder of the taco beef for a salad which I topped with cheese, sour cream and cherry tomatoes.  I love taco salads!  We went over to a friend’s apartment for her birthday and dinner consisted of fruit, fruit dip, pretzel crisps and some dip.  It was oh so delicious.  I know I had some other snacks, probably some Cheez-It’s, but I didn’t snap a picture.

IMG_1077   IMG_1078   IMG_1080


Before lunch I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the arc trainer on hills and then did some arm weights.  It was a really good work out!!

We also did a bad thing and went shopping!  I got a new dress at LOFT and the man splurged and got 2 new suits.  It was an expensive day.  And at the mall there is a pet store that lets you go into a little room and play with puppies….so…..we played with this little guy for a few minutes!  He was so cute and I really, really want a puppy, but it’s just not the right time for us.  But look at how cute!?



SUNDAY – A glorious running day!!  It was perfect weather and I went with 2 friends for a 6 mile run that was quick and included lots of hills and sprints.  I felt great afterwards and really excited for the race in a few days.

Before the run, I ate 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with a banana, peanut butter and chia seeds.  Oh so filling and perfect for a pre-run meal.  And as a reward, we all got Starbucks.  This time, I ordered a skinny hazelnut maachiato.  OH MY GOSH!  This gave the carmel a run for it’s money.  I think I will be drinking this all summer!  After I got home, I showered and ate a granola bar.

IMG_1083   IMG_1084   IMG_1085

Pretty much the rest of the afternoon was spent in front of the TV watching re-runs of Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I don’t care, it was perfect!  We ate dinner pretty early because I was starving and dinner consisted of pizza fries and marinara sauce.  It reminded me of college when my roommate and I would go to the hall store, order pizza fries and watch Project Runway.  Oh how college rocked!!  It’s not healthy, but, hey, 6 miles completed!  And then an apple while watching re-runs.  #juicyjoeisnotjuicy

IMG_1086   IMG_1088


It was a wonderful weekend!!!  I’ll recap Monday and Tuesday tomorrow.  Holy cow!!!  How was your weekend?


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