Motivation Monday {Yoga Edition}



It’s still Monday and after a long weekend of wine drinking and eating everything in sight, this week’s Motivation Monday surrounds my longing to bring back yoga into my life.

Before I started training for the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon, I would do yoga at least once a week.  Yoga is great for stretching out my muscles and I should have been practicing while training!  It’s hard to keep up with some other practice when you’re running hours at a time.

I started doing some Google-ing on the benefits of yoga and how yoga and running should work together.  I found out some interesting things!

  • According to Dr. Oz, yoga helps clean blood of waste and trains us to loosen our muscles we ignore in our normal days.
  • Yoga helps de clutter your mind.  < This is why I need yoga!
  • Increases flexibility. < I could barely touch my toes in high school…now I can!  If your muscles aren’t flexible, you are more likely to get fatigued earlier in your run.
  • Your digestive track gets regulated through yoga.

I know these aren’t ground-breaking discoveries, but it’s always helpful for me to research as motivation.

My motivation for doing yoga this week is to de clutter my mind and regulate my digestive track!  I have a lot weighing on my mind as of late and I really need to relax!  If you’re interested in yoga, you can go to classes at your local gym, your local Lululemon store (it’s free!), local studios or a DVD in your living room.

This week, I plan on doing a class at my gym and the Body by Bethenny DVD.

How do you like to do yoga?

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