Is it the long weekend yet?

TGIF!  Happy Friday to everyone!  I’m so looking forward to spending the long weekend with my family in Chicago to watch my cousin graduate from high school.  I remember when my cousin was born – I was 7!  He’s now a 6’5″ young man who is one of the funniest people I know.  I’m so excited for his adventures.

Let’s jump into yesterday’s eats!  I have to say, yesterday wasn’t great.  Having a morning long meeting is never easy and it kinda throws off my whole day.

BREAKFAST – Apple.  Why am I so obsessed with apples?!  I don’t know, but they are delicious.  I also guess I have a big obsession with taking a picture after I take my first bite.  #weirdo



LUNCH – love a free lunch.  It is safe to say that I would sit through anything if lunch is being offered.  So, while a morning long meeting isn’t too enticing, but knowing that a free lunch is at the end of the tunnel, I can power through!



Usually, Panera is catered, but this lunch came from some deli I didn’t know.  I at a turkey sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on whole grain bread.  On the side, I had some fruit salad and an insanely soft chocolate chip cookie.  Seriously, that chocolate chip cookie was amazing!!

SNACK – Cheez-It’s.  I snacked on some Cheez-It’s when I got home before I headed out to the gym.

EXERCISE – I went to the gym and completed a 2 mile run on the treadmill.  I haven’t been that great on my training schedule during the week, but I’ve done pretty well on the long run front.


This is exactly how I feel when I work out.  It’s also exactly how I look….yeah, right!

After my run, I did the slut machine at 90 pounds, 12 times, 3 reps.  Then, I did some tricep pull downs and then some abs.  I did a lot of superman flys because I need to work on my back.

I wasn’t hungry at all for dinner last night.  I was insanely tired, so I just went to bed.  Sometimes, sleep wins all.  Here’s to a wonderful Memorial Day!


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