Toasty Tuesday {Reality TV edition}



Oh boy, oh boy.  This week has been crazy and it’s only Tuesday.  How is it only Tuesday?

This week is focused around my love for reality television.

I love reading the Bravolebrity (yes, that is a word) blogs each week to see what her reaction is to the week’s episode.  I like the ones when the ladies talk about the episode and give more detail into what’s happening in their daily lives.

So, a recap of the Real Housewives of Orange County is making my heart warm (and the man’s head hurt).

The characters (for those of you who don’t have an obsession):

Vicki Gunvalson – “I’m my own boss, and it’s time for a raise.”  She is the only remaining original housewife out of all the franchises.  I loved Vicki in the first few seasons because she was an entrepreneur (she has her won life insurance company), she loved her 2 kids and fought with her husband in a cute way.  This season (season 8) Vicki is a little annoying.  She has been divorced from her husband who I really liked for 2 years, is dating this awful guy from Mississippi who only loves her for her money and just seems down in the dumps.  Where’s the old Vicki?!

Tamra Barney – “The best thing about starting over is never looking back.”  Tamra is the fire cracker of the group.  She flies off the handle when she’s upset, curses like a sailor, and has a bangin’ bod for someone whose had 4 children.  She’s been on the show for a few seasons and we’ve seen her go from a loving stay-at-home mom with a husband who liked to control her, to opening up her own fitness studio with her new fiancee.  (She did get divorced!)  I like Tamra when she’s being a little snarky because she has some fantastic one liners: “You’re psychotic Jesus Jugs!”  I don’t like her when she’s stirring up sh*t.

Heather Dubrow – “I may be married to a plastic surgeon, but I’m 98% real.”  This is Heather’s second season on the show and I have to say, she’s probably my favorite.  She lives in this amazing house with her plastic surgeon husband, Terry, and their 4 gorgeous children.  She put her career as an actress on hold to be with the kids but has gotten the itch again.   She is level-headed, has an incredibly large vocabulary and rolls her eyes at her husband’s ill-timed jokes.  She is a breath of fresh air!  (I should mention that they are insanely wealthy – the biggest house, she always has on some kind of Chanel and their garage floor has their wedding monogram on it!  WHAT?!)

Gretchen Rossi – “When life gets tough, I just keep getting stronger and stronger.”  When Gretchen joined the show back in season 4 (I think), she was engaged to a much older man who was dying of leukemia.  No one really accepted her because no one believed she was in love with her fiance.  Well, unfortunately, he passed away, and now she’s engaged to Slade Smiley, who was engaged to one of the original housewives of the franchise.  Are you confused?   I don’t love Gretchen because I think she can’t take her own medicine and always wants to stir the pot.  And she has a heinous purse line and make-up line.

Alexis Bellino – “I know who I am and God does, too.”  Can you guess who Jesus Jugs is?!  Alexis joined 3 seasons ago and I liked her at first.  She seemed level headed with a nice marriage.  But then, her husband seemed to be quite controlling and didn’t want her working because she needed to stay home with their children (even though they had 2 nannies)!  She seemed pretty pretentious, except she wears a CZ ring because she’s afraid someone will steal her “real” engagement ring, and only wanted God on her side.  She’s not my favorite.  I don’t like people a) talk about God when it’s not necessary and b) talk about how many cars they drive and on what days and c) think they can be an actress or designer without any real training.

Lydia McLaughlin – “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.”  Lydia is the newest member of the franchise and I actually like her.  Even though she’s “Christian on steroids” (as says Alexis), she seems very welcoming, level headed and talks to her pot-head mom about not smoking around her 2 adorable sons.  She seems to speak her mind and do so eloquently.  She and her husband own a lifestyle magazine, she designs jewelry and travels to Italy every summer.  I think I like her.

Okay, so that was a lot and not really a recap, but I’ll be brief.  This week’s episode surrounded Heather’s guest appearance on Hot in Cleveland and that’s it.  There wasn’t any drama and it was pretty boring.  The only drama: Alexis wasn’t invited and she decides to take an acting class.  I hate when these housewives who have never had a desire to act, now want to act because they are “celebrities.”

Heather did a wonderful job and Gretchen shows up late because she was having a rendezvous with Slade where he gave her a Rolls Royce for her birthday.  Now, just last season Slade was complaining about not having any money as he lost his job in the mortgage industry.  It should also be mentioned that Slade’s son (with a woman who isn’t Gretchen) is 13 and has a life threatening brain tumor.  But, he can afford a Rolls Royce?!  Those Jones’s sure like those fancy cars.  Come to find out, Gretchen leased a Mercedes and the lease was up, so Slade took it upon himself to trade-in for the RR because it was only “a couple hundred more dollars a month.”  You know what I could do with a couple hundred extra dollars a month.  I certainly wouldn’t lease another car!

It was a boring episode, but just recapping the characters made me happy!!!


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