Strength Training is the Best

Hi Everyone!

It’s Tuesday night as I type this and I can barely keep my eyes open, so let’s just dive right in to go over Monday and Tuesday.

BREAKFAST – I ate so much cantaloupe Monday morning.  It was glorious!!  I had coffee for breakfast on Tuesday because I had an early meeting and when I’m nervous, my stomach doesn’t want to eat anything.  Does your stomach get tied in knots and make you not want to eat?



LUNCHES – On Monday, I ate a veggie wrap with hummus from Trader Joe’s.  It was absolutely delicious!  In the wrap there was hummus (obvi), broccoli,  carrots and onions.  So yummy!  And only $4!  Yes please.  On Tuesday, lunch was catered for a meeting, so I had a turkey croissant sandwich, fruit and a chocolate covered rice krispie treat. So good!

IMG_1007                                   IMG_1010


SNACKS – Monday, I devoured a Clif Z Bar in chocolate brownie.  It’s so soft, which is something I look for in granola bars.  And then yesterday, I had a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.  (Do you like my bracelet?)

IMG_1008                                  IMG_1012

DINNER – I made some baked ziti on Monday, which I had with broccoli on the side.  And then yesterday, a quick trip to Wendy’s.  I don’t know why, but the man and I were both craving burgers.  Everything in portion control!  And I had a baked potato on the side.

IMG_1009 IMG_1013 IMG_1014


EXERCISE – Monday was a rest day.  Why are those my favorite days?  But, I enjoyed catching up on some shows and lounging around.  Tuesday, I went to the gym and completed 15 minutes on the arc trainer and then did strength training.  I did the slut machine (better known as inner thigh machine) at 100 pounds x 12 reps x 3 times.  Then I did the tricep machine at 20 pounds x 12 reps x 3 times.  Then I threw in some plie squats, v-ups and plank pose.  I can definitely tell that I’m getting stronger.  I used to do the slut machine at 85 pounds!

I weighed myself at the gym and I have lost 2 pounds this month!  Hey, I’ll take it.  I’m sure I gained it back from dinner, but it was worth it in my mind.  A burger is what I wanted!


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