Fashion Friday


FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!!!!   I love me some Friday where I can relax on the balcony and drink some vino.

Today’s Fashion Friday is all about hot mamas.  There seem to be a lot of gorgeous pregnant celebs (hello, Duchess Kate and Kim Kardashian) nowadays and I love to see how beautiful these ladies look with a little bundle of joy on the way!  Let’s do a best dressed and worst dress….circa Fashion Police!


1. Duchess of Cambridge, Her Royal Highness, Kate (keep up to date with her fashion at, What Kate Wore).

My BFF is OBSESSED with Kate Middleton.  She has more pictures of Kate in her apartment than pictures of me.  I mean, we all want Kate to be our best friend, so I understand 🙂  Plus, who doesn’t love a future Queen of England who shops at TopShop!


2. Busy Phillipps.  Now, I don’t watch any shows of her’s, but I saw her on Watch What Happens Live and she was so funny!  She was absolutely hilarious.  I love when a celebrity that watches what I watch.  And she’s BFF with Michelle Williams.  And I mean, “Hello, Gorgeous!”


3. Jenna Dawan Tatum.  I mean, she’s married to the sexiest man alive, Channing Tatum, but she is gorgeous in her own rite.  She has the cutest little body and it looks like she has a basketball under her shirt.  So precious.


1. Kim Kardashian.  Now, I think Kim is really beautiful and I would never tell a woman, especially a pregnant woman, that she looks fat.  I just don’t think Kim dresses to accentuate her curves in a great way.  In my opinion, she just doesn’t want to wear maternity clothes, but I think she could really benefit from some Rosie Pope.  Come on, Kim, you’re so sexy.  This wasn’t a great choice.

2. Jessica Simpson.  Now I think that she is definitely dressing better the second time around, but she’s a fashion designer!  She should be looking HOT!  I mean, no…leopard!

So, note to self, when I get pregnant {5 years from now!} I should dress like a Duchess and not a Reality Queen. Got it!  What do you all think?


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