Back to the Grind

Monday, yesterday, was a crazy day.  It was nice to catch up on everything and feel like I was contributing to the work force.  Do you have days when you look at the clock, realize it’s 5 and think, “What did I accomplish today?”  I hate those days!  Luckily, yesterday was a day where I could look at my to-do list and see that I really did cross off a lot of things!  #yay #productive

BREAKFAST – Yesterday morning’s breakfast was another bad one.  I just had some coffee and some fruit.  It wasn’t very good, but I haven’t been hungry in the morning lately.  Do any of you have similar situations?  What do you do?

LUNCH – Lunch was a delicious one!  Of course, it started at Whole Foods!  I had a salmon avocado roll made with brown rice.  Then I had one of the most amazing brownies I’ve ever eaten in my life.  It was definitely worth it to have the brownie.  My 8 mile run from Saturday is still burning calories, right?




It was a rest day, which you know I’m always glad to have!  This meant that the man and I had the chance to go to the grocery store.  We were super low on food, like literally, we had an onion.  So we loaded up our fridge and pantry with the fixings for the Skinny Enchiladas, some orzo and a the fixins’ for baked ziti, which I’ll share later!

DINNER – Dinner came together quickly in the form of frozen pizza and green beans.  





And then for dessert, a glass of white wine while watching the season finale of Revenge! Do you watch this show?!  The finale was amazing!!



(I tried super hard to capture the Revenge logo in this picture…I failed).

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with my eats yesterday, outside the pizza.  We are really trying to cut back on eating those and we’ve done a really good job lately – convenience definitely trumped anything healthy yesterday.  How was your Monday?

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