Crazy Weekend!!

Hi There, All!!

I know I’ve been silent for a few days – I was in S.C. for my sister’s college graduation.  I can’t believe she graduated!  It seems like yesterday I was giving her my stuffed animal, Bebe, the day she was born.

Here’s a brief recap of our weekend: we ate, ate, ate, ate…and then ate some more!

Our flight left at 10 am, so our first stop was to get coffee and breakfast.  I ordered a green tea and a banana chocolate muffin.  No, I didn’t eat the whole thing, and yes, I am re-reading The Great Gatsby in preparation for the movie!!



I have to say that I forgot a lot of what happens in the book and am quite pleased with how it’s progressing.  Ahhh, high school!

Now, there will be a lot of pictures and not a lot of words!

We had to stop at Chick-Fil-A!  Then on Thursday night, we went to a place called The Smokin Pig, which was delicious! I don’t love BBQ sauce and BBQ sauce doesn’t love me, so I ordered some chicken and fried corn!  That fried corn was delicious.  I also had the majority of my mom’s banana pudding.  I highly recommend anyone who visits South Carolina (mostly Clemson) to visit this place!

IMG_0961 IMG_0965

Then it was time for graduation!  Here we are with the graduate!  Note: my sister is not that tall, she’s wearing huge wedges and I am wearing flats!

IMG_0967 IMG_0975 IMG_0977

That night we had a cookout at the lake house my parents rented.  We dined on yummy cheeseburgers, fruit salad and a caprese pasta salad.  Dessert was definitely consumed in the form of cake and my grandma’s cookies!  Why are cookies made by your grandma so much better than the ones you make?


EXERCISE – I did exercise!!  It helps when your dad is really into running, too.  So Saturday morning, we made our way to Clemson’s campus to run 8 miles for me and 5 miles for him.  I didn’t know Clemson was so hilly.  Literally I either ran up or ran down…I completed the 8 miles at a 12 minute pace, but uphill.  I was a sweaty mess!


But then it was time for ice cream with Grandma!


All in all, this weekend was wonderful and it was great to disconnect from the “real world” and spend time with family.  A huge congrats to my lovely sister for her big accomplishment.  She is definitely the smartest member of the family and will do great things in life and the business world!


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