Toasty Tuesday



Hello All!!  Happy Tuesday.  I can’t believe the day is over – but tomorrow is my Friday and I can’t wait for our long weekend to celebrate my sister’s college graduation.

Now, let’s get into what’s making my heart warm on this Toasty Tuesday!



Today’s topic is: Levo League.  According to their web site, Levo League is “a community for Gen Y women looking for mentoring, jobs, career advice and peer networking.”

I love this web site.  I visit it daily.  They have an incredible group of women working and volunteering there to provide Gen Y women articles on career advice, fashion and how to balance life and working.  They also hold Office Hours, which are weekly video presentations and Q&A sessions with strong leaders.  For example, they have recently interviewed Warren Buffet, Sheryl Sandberg and Kelly Cutrone.  There is an archive of all the past Office Hours that you can watch on your own time.  These videos are incredibly inspiring and make me want to work to my fullest potential.

Levo League also has Local Levo – local “chapters” where young women can get together to network, mentor and discuss things happening in the workforce.  There isn’t a Detroit chapter yet and I am on the planning committee to bring Local Levo to Detroit.  It’s a great way for women new to a city to make friends, for women looking to network with similar age groups and to hear local leaders discuss what it takes to be successful.  Be sure to check out the chapters to see if one is available in your area!

Working with a group of women is always inspiring.  I believe women need to lift each other up and focus on the positives and not the negatives.  I know I love the drama that is Bravo, but I believe that women are a powerful group that should be taken very seriously.  I don’t love drama in my life, I love to watch it on tv.

What do you all think about networking?  Would you join your Local Levo chapter?


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