Seis de Mayo

Seeing as the man and I drove through Cinco de Mayo celebrations, we decided to celebrate Seis de Mayo….6th of May, which is also my dad’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Let’s dig into yesterday, shall we?

BREAKFAST –  How horrible is this?  I didn’t eat breakfast yesterday?!?! I brought a Chobani Greek yogurt, but it just didn’t sound good.  And by the time I looked at the clock, it was already 11, so I just ate lunch.  I know it’s never a good idea to skip breakfast andI can’t believe I did, but live and learn.

LUNCH – It was gorgeous yesterday, so I went wtih some co-workers to Whole Foods (where else) to grab some grub and eat outside!  I swear I took a picture of my lunch, but apparently it was only for Snapchat, not with my actual camera.  (Are you guys using Snapchat?  It is actually really fun!  I highly recommend it.  You basically add your friends and then take a picture with a caption and send.  It’s super fast and the picture has a time alloted for the other person to view your picture.  It’s pretty cool).

At Whole Foods, I grabbed their 2 for $6 lunch options.  One was a smoked mozzarella pasta salad and the other was a salad with feta cheese and almonds.  It was so good.  I also grabbed an Arnold Palmer.  I love sitting outside.  It is the best!

No exercise last night, it was a rest day.  And since a rest day was scheduled, why go against that? 🙂

DINNER – TACOS!!!  Yes, real tacos, not turkos.  We went all out for our Seis de Mayo – I made homemade guacamole and I had a taco salad with lettuce, guac, sour cream and cheese.  Oh so delicious!  No margaritas were consumed, but I’m okay with that.  I think my body needs to detox from the weekend.



We consumed our dinner at the table while watching Revenge.  Are you watching this season?  It started off a little slow, I mean how can you beat season 1, but it’s redeemed itself!  I love it!!

What’s your favorite show this season?


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