Weekend Recap

Holy Crazy Weekend!  How was your weekend?

We traveled to southern Indiana for a friend’s wedding, which was a total blast!!  We drove to my parent’s house on Friday night to break up the drive and then headed to the ceremony.

It’s always wonderful to see 2 friends join together and look so incredibly happy.  I won’t be sharing too many pictures because I don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of friends (without their permission).

But, here’s to the happy couple!!


With such a busy weekend, I didn’t take too many pictures of what I ate – so I think I’ll just skip this weekend.  It was filled with candy, bagels, muffins and lots of wine and dancing!!

I don’t feel bad about everything I ate because I cut a rug, so much sweat involved.  To me, that’s always the sign of a fun wedding, how much dancing there is.  This one was an absolute blast!

I love a fun weekend and I’m so excited for the happy couple.

Today was back to reality and back to healthy eating.  Be sure to check back later!!

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