Fashion Friday



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HAPPY FRIDAY!  I love Friday’s.  It’s probably my favorite day of the week.  Who doesn’t love a Friday?

Welcome to the first installment of #FashionFriday.  Here’s where I’ll share some outfit that I’ve worn either recently or as a kid (mostly for laughs) so we can start a Friday tradition.

What do you think of the sketch above?  I love it!  And no, I didn’t do it. Please check out the image source!  I’ll definitely post pictures of my wedding dress – after the wedding of course! 🙂


This picture is from my senior year of college at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I had the greatest time in college and miss it all the time!

These are my parents, if you couldn’t tell, and that church in the background is the church where the man and I will be getting married!

I love this outfit.  Mostly because my leather jacket is from T.J. Maxx (yes, I am a Maxxinessa!).  I love my Joe’s Jeans, too.  Joe’s are my all-time favorite brand of jeans because they sit higher on the waist, which I like because it prevents muffin top, they are boot cut and I can buy petites and still wear heels.  Love, love, love.  My mom is actually wearing Joe’s Jeans, too.

Basically, I just really wanted to share this photo of Marquette….don’t judge me!

What do you all think of this outfit?


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