Exactly What I Wanted

Happy Friday!!  Can you believe it’s Friday?  I’m so excited, especially because we’re going to a friend’s wedding this weekend.  I love weddings and am so excited for the two of them!

Let’s just jump into yesterday, shall we?

BREAKFAST – I had a busy morning, so I ran to Starbucks for an iced caramel maachiato with skim milk.  It’s definitely my all time favorite for when the weather is warm!  It’s so refreshing.


I also purchased a lemon loaf at Starbucks.  I was on the run and didn’t bring anything for breakfast.  And, I had a gift card!  Check yes!  According to Starbucks, the lemon loaf has 410 calories.  Yikes!  You will notice that I didn’t eat much for lunch because of this!


LUNCH – I don’t know if you can technically call what I had around lunchtime actual lunch because…well…


That’s correct, I only had a banana.  So, I suppose this would be considered a snack and not lunch.  Okay then, I had a snack of a banana.

Work was crazy, so I didn’t really get a chance to eat anything else until I got home.  And because of the lack of eating, I opted out of a work out for fear of passing out!  Listen to your body, it’s better than over doing it.

SNACK – I will call this a snack.  I came home and had an apple with peanut butter.  It’s definitely an all-time favorite.


DINNER – The positive of not working out, I got to spend some time making dinner.  On the menu, chicken, rice and bell peppers.  It’s a favorite in our household and always hits the spot.  The positive thing about this dish is that I can make a lot of it and then have leftovers.  I’m a huge fan!  I also packed my bowl with more peppers than the man, so it’s healthier, right?


What do you guys think? If you’re going to eat something bad, should you skip another meal to balance out the calories?

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