Holy Hill

Hi All. Happy Hump Day. Wednesday is probably one of favorite days of the week. For some reason, I feel more productive on Wednesdays. That’s really weird, isn’t it?

I digress.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Michigan and I wanted to take full advantage of it! I ate delicious, fresh food and went on a nice 2.5 mile run. It included a really big hill, so I only did 2.5 instead of my scheduled 3, according to my training schedule.

BREAKFAST – Yesterday started off with some raspberry Greek yogurt from Chobani filled with some Bear Nake Nature Fit vanilla granola.


This flavor of Greek yogurt is actually one I really like.  I will definitely stick to this one.  On another note, why is Greek yogurt so expensive?  It was $1.25 for that Chobani…I only bought 2 at the grocery store.

LUNCH – I went out to lunch with a co-worker who is going on vacation tomorrow.  I’m covering for him, so we went over all his projects that might come up, and as a thank you, he took me out to sushi.  Isn’t that nice?  It just goes to show that niceness goes a long way!!  I’m definitely more willing to help someone who is nice and actually says, “please” and “thank you” than someone who doesn’t.  (Dully noted!)

Lunch started with some green tea, cucumber salad and miso soup.  It actually started pouring rain over lunch (of course, it was only over lunch) so tea seemed to hit the spot!


I ordered 1 salmon avocado roll and then 5 different kinds of sashimi.  I know there was red snapper, salmon and then 3 white fish.  It was so yummy and fresh.  I throughly enjoyed it!


I was surprised when I got hungry at 3 in the afternoon.  I thought the sushi would have filled me up….well, not so!

SNACKS – I ate a banana


Then, when I got home, I had an apple with peanut butter.  I definitely needed some fuel for my run!


EXERCISE –  Around 5, I got this lovely alert on my phone:


RunKeeper sure is bossy, huh?

But it was good motivation to get up and go for the run.  My goal for the run was to run quickly and up a big hill!

Look at that hill.  (Oh, hey, shadow)!  It was a long, steady hill and was definitely tiring.  It was super nice to run down the hill though!


I finished my 2.5 miles in a little over 26 minutes, so that;s a 10:26 average pace.  I know that at minute 20 I was going up the hill because it was at a slow, slow pace.  But, I kept moving my feet and I was up the hill in no some time.

All in all, I’m happy with my run.

DINNER – I wasn’t really in the mood to make dinner, but the man and I have a challenge in May to not eat out during the week.  (Oh trust me, I’ll be recapping some things)!  So, I whipped together some shrimp, the Barilla Plus penne and some light alfredo sauce.  It was actually delicious and hit the spot.


How did you enjoy your Tuesday?  Be sure to check back later for the first installment of ‘What I’m Loving Wednesday’!


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