Motivation Monday

I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to start daily columns and….drum roll please….it’s time to start!

Here’s to the very first: Motivation Monday!

What’s motivating me today?


We decided back in January where we’ll be going for our honeymoon.  Do you have any guesses?


I am so excited to go to Aruba and lay out at that pool in the photo above.  We will be staying at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort on Eagle Beach in Aruba.

The resort has a live camera where you can go and see what’s going on in Aruba!  The breeze, the palm trees and the beach chairs get me every time.  It serves as a great break when work gets crazy and serves as great motivation to get bikini ready.  I want to be sexy when I’m sitting on that beach and not feeling like a beached whale.

These photos are motivating me today.  So much so that I actually did some pilates on my rest day!







These bikini bodies are also serving as some motivation!






How’s that for motivation?  I know I’ll be having salad tonight…maybe 1 piece of pizza?

What’s motivating you this Monday?

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