Mexican Thursday

Good Morning! Happy Friday. Sorry I was M.I.A. yesterday – we had our second meeting with the marriage counselor and I wasn’t feeling too great. I don’t know what’s been going on with my stomach but it has not been great this week, which doesn’t help my training! I decided to take a breather from exercise yesterday and plan on doing yoga tonight to stretch out everything before my 7 mile run on Saturday! Do you ever take breaks in your training based on how your body feels?

Since I didn’t recap my eats from Thursday, let’s jump into that!

BREAKFAST – Working from home definitely has it’s advantages. One of them being an actual breakfast!  I had 2 whole wheat Eggo waffles with peanut butter and grapes.  (Side note: how messy is my kitchen table?  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!)


LUNCH – Have I mentioned that we don’t have any food in the house?  Oh, only about 300 times!  So lunch today was an interesting one.  We had shredded cheese and tortillas, so I made a cheese quesidilla with a dollop of sour cream and some chips with a little bit of salsa.  I ate lunch while watching the finale of The Rachel Zoe ProjectI really do like Rachel, but her “Oh my God’s” are starting to get on my nerves.  And, who names their son Skyler?


DINNER – To keep with the Mexican theme of the day, the man and I went to his favorite restaurant ever: Chipotle!  It serves as somewhat of a reward for surviving our pre-marriage counseling.  (that’s a whole other topic)!  I ordered a burrito bowl with chicken, guac, cheese and lettuce.  I know, I know, it probably wasn’t the best thing to eat when my stomach hurts, but it was free (gift card courtesy of the man’s Easter basket) and available.  And the total calories of a burrito bowl: 575.  That’s not horrible.  You can add 290 calories if you get the burrito!  (Courtesy of: Chipotle Nutrition).


If only I ordered my burrito bowl in Spanish, then it would have been a really Mexican day.  One problem: I don’t speak Spanish.  The man does, so that will help if we ever go to Spain!!

I’ll see you all later on tonight! I have a pretty great post coming…





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