Glorious Morning

Good Morning!  Happy Friday Thursday!  I have the day off tomorrow to travel and do some wedding planning, so today is my Friday.  Hooray for 4 day work weeks.

I started the day off the right way:


That’s right, everyone!  I went to the gym this morning!  I never really understood what everyone (Tina and Julie) were talking about with the morning work outs, but I have to say, right now I feel great!!

I woke up at 6 AM, drank some water and ate half a Luna bar.  I usually opt not to work out in the morning because I need fuel to get in a good work out.  But, waking up 15 minutes earlier to eat something was definitely the way to go.  I really liked this vanilla almond bar.  I’ll definitely be eating the other half later today.


EXERCISE – On the training schedule, I needed to complete 3 miles.  So, I hopped on the hamster wheel and ran it out!


I completed the 3 miles in 32 minutes, which wasn’t bad, but wasn’t fabulous.  I tend to get really hot on the treadmill, so I started my speed at 5.5, then increased to 5.8 and then finished it out at 6.2.

I was sweating like crazy after wards and was actually a little tired, so I went over to the yoga mat section to stretch out and do some planks.  All in all, the fact that I woke up this morning, ran according to my training schedule and was still able to be working by 8 am, I’m pleased!!!

BREAKFAST – I had a wonderfully balanced breakfast this morning and is my go-to when I work from home.  I had 2 whole wheat Eggo waffles with peanut butter and strawberries on the side.  I also had some Green Mountain hazelnut coffee in my new favorite mug!


Now it’s off to work through the day before it’s time to head over to Milwaukee!!  Have a wonderful day 🙂

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