Bedtime Thunderstorms

These past 2 days have been crazy intense.  There’s been ups and downs at work, stomach problems, thunderstorms and too many Oreo’s!  As I sit in bed typing this post, there is thunder approaching and 30 Rock is on the TV.  Bed time is my favorite time – it’s when my mind can finally start to relax.  It takes a while (I tend to have racing thoughts) but once it does, it’s glorious!!

With that being said, let’s jump into the past 2 days.

TUESDAY – Tuesday was a decent day for eating but not necessarily for running.

BREAKFAST – I started off my day with some Greek yogurt and vanilla granola.  I love Bear Naked Fit Granola!  It hits the spot every time.


The morning flew by and when lunch hit, I drove back home and made myself some yummy goodness!

LUNCH – I made myself a grilled cheese with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast spread with butter and 2 slices of American cheese.  I had some strawberries on the side, too.  This lunch reminded me of lunches on snow days when I was growing up!  Then I had 3 Oreo’s….


While I was home, I prepared a smoothie that I ate later on in the day.  Into the blender went: frozen mango and strawberries, vanilla Greek yogurt and 1% organic milk.  It was quite good.


EXERCISE – I needed to run 3 miles on Tuesday and I had the full intention of doing so…but I got to the hill and saw these 2:


That’s right!  GEESE!  The geese around here are just plain mean and I certainly wasn’t in the mood to be chased by a stupid , glorified dinosaur.  So, I turned around and by the time I got to my front door, I had run 2 miles and considered it good enough.  It was beautiful outside and I felt really good!  Even thought it was only 2 miles and not 3, it’s better than nothing at all!

I went to get my haircut and left a recipe for the man to follow for dinner.

DINNER – Giada’s orzo with chicken andouille sausage and red peppers.  It is so delicious and it makes so much for leftovers!!


WEDNESDAY – I was supposed to run 4 miles today, but when I got home from work (late) my stomach was pretty upset.  I don’t know why but lately my stomach has felt like knives are twisting my insides.  It makes me want to curl up into a ball and do nothing.  I listened to my body and decided it wouldn’t be smart to run while my stomach hurt.  What do you think is more important – following your training schedule or listening to your body?

BREAKFAST – I had some yummy mango and granola this morning!  It was good, good, good!



I swung over to my favorite place around lunch time: Whole Foods!  They had really good samples available today, including some chips and dip.  Free samples are my favorites!


LUNCH – I came back and reheated some orzo leftovers and 2 small cookies!


SNACKS – Throughout the day, I nibbled on some grapes, a Luna bar and an apple with peanut butter.  These snacks kept me full throughout the day and provided great protein!




Then, it was time to make dinner.  I based it on Skinny Taste’s recipe for chicken parmesan.  Instead of heating up butter, I dipped the chicken breasts in egg, which is healthier.

DINNER – Chicken parmesan and green beans, with a side of 3 Oreo’s!



I’m off to bed now – here’s to tomorrow being my Friday!!

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