Total Relaxation

Happy Sunday, all!  I took yesterday off so I could have a day to just be at home, collect my thoughts and enjoy time with the man.

Let’s recap the weekend!  I’m going to try something new this time around and break down the meals and not the days…tell me what you think!

BREAKFASTS – Friday I had some Chobani strawberry/banana Greek yogurt with vanilla granola.  It kept me full for quite a while!  Then, Saturday I had a Panera sesame bagel with cream cheese (I was so famished, I forgot to take a picture)!  Today, I had 2 Eggo whole wheat waffles with peanut butter.  YUMMY!!!



LUNCHES – Not too much variety for lunches this weekend.  Friday, I was supposed to have a lunch meeting that got cancelled so I came home and ate 2 Eggo Whole Wheat waffles with peanut butter.  Saturday, I had some baby romaine with carrots and a whole zucchini covered in some ranch dressing.  Note to self: bottles without a squirt top are not the best!  Today, the man was making pizza, so I had 2 pieces.  It hit the spot!!




DINNERS – Friday night we went out with several co-workers to What Crepe? in Royal Oak.  It was fantastic!  I ordered a crepe with salmon, avocado, brie cheese and truffle oil on the side.  I also had a glass of prosecco.  I love me some prosecco!  For dessert, we ordered a crepe with blueberries, strawberries and bananas with whipped cream, nutella and vanilla ice cream.  Oh boy, was that amazing!  We licked the plate clean! We then we out to this brewery, Dragon Meade, where I ordered their house made root beer.  I’m never a fan of crazy beers and I was DD, so root beer for me!  Saturday after running some errands, we swung by Chipotle for dinner!








Please note: I did not list all my snacks for the day.  There was some fruit involved!

Now that you’ve seen everything I’ve eaten, let’s see if I burned off some of these calories.

EXERCISE – Saturday I ran 5 miles with my co-worker and friend, Lindsay.  We met on a trail and ran with a friend’s Husky, Indy.  I definitely didn’t want to run that day but having a friend doing it with me held me accountable.  And you know what, you’ll never regret a work out!  We kept a 11:15 minute mile pace which was pretty good.  It was the longest run yet and the fact that I ran the whole time is wonderful!  Today was a cross training day, so I headed to yoga to stretch out my muscles.  It hurt so good!




Overall, I know I ate way too much this weekend.  I had chocolate crepes, ice cream on Saturday and 5 too many Oreos today.  I have a rule though about when it’s okay to not count calories: 1) when you’re on vacation and 2) when it’s that female time.  So, put 2 and 2 together!  But, I’m pleased with all my work outs and that I’ve kept up pretty well on my training.

Goals this week: follow my training schedule, eat more fruits and veggies, do Pilates.  It’s going to be a 4-day work week for me!  We’re going to Milwaukee this weekend for the tasting at our reception site!  I can’t wait!

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