First Pace Run

Oh man, yesterday’s run was quite…well…horrible.  It was my first pace run on the training schedule.

What’s a pace run?

Well, it’s running the designated miles at the pace you plan to run on race day.

I plan on running between 10:20 and 10:30 minute miles, which might be a stretch, but it’s what I went with.


EXERCISE – I ran after work last night and went to the gym and not outside.  The weather didn’t exactly allow for an outdoor run – rain, rain, go away!  My stats for my run on the treadmill:

  • Distance – 3.0 miles
  • Total Time – 31:42
  • Pace – 10:34
  • Calories – 314

This run wasn’t exactly great.  I didn’t even notice the first mile, but boy, did I notice the second mile.  The cardio area was pretty warm at the gym and I tend to get overheated pretty easily, so I was holding onto the bars quite a bit so I wouldn’t fall off.  Jillian Michaels would not be pleased.

Let’s jump into the eats of the day:

BREAKFAST – A switch from a Kashi bar, some Chobani Greek yogurt.  I had the raspberry flavor, which I liked much better than the strawberry banana flavor.   I would eat this again!


The main reason I liked Greek yogurt (when I’m loving it and not hating it) is that it keeps me full!  By the time lunch rolled around and it was pouring rain, I headed to….Whole Foods.

LUNCH – I was craving some pasta and when there was a free sample of their chicken caesar pasta salad, I was sold!


It was so good.  It was super filling and hit the spot.  I wasn’t hungry all afternoon, until someone at work started passing out M&M’s!  And they were Easter colors!!


I kept on working throughout the afternoon, which included a quick meeting with a new customer, and came home to eat a quick snack before I went for my run.

SNACKS – I ate the final Kashi bar and had an apple with peanut butter.  It was good to have some protein to get me through.



DINNER – I wasn’t hungry at all when I got home.  With the running and then I did some arm weights, I just didn’t want anything.  BUT, I bought some gelato at Whole Foods.  On Wednesdays they have a special where you get 12 ounces for $3.99!  I ordered half raspberry and half chocolate, so I dug into that for dinner.  There’s protein in gelato, right?  It hit the spot and I passed out when it was time for bed!



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