Rest Days

Rest Days are my favorites because it gives me the opportunity to relax and let my body recover.  At this point in training, I’m not really recovering from anything so it kinda feels silly, but I’ll take it!!

I spent this day watching Bravo and making a decent dinner.

Let’s cut to the chase:

BREAKFAST  – I had a quick breakfast at the office in the form of my favorite Kashi bar!


I wasn’t too hungry at lunch time, but I wanted to eat something…so I grabbed a banana!


LUNCH – When I was actually hungry for some lunch, I munched on a blueberry bagel and some strawberry cream cheese.  It hit the spot!


I kept working until 5 and was pretty hungry when I came home.  So, as I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta: Reunion, I finished the bag of white cheddar popcorn.  If loving this stuff is wrong, I don’t want to right!


DINNER – I made meatloaf for dinner and I have to say that it wasn’t something I would make again.  It was okay, but I think I need to do some playing around in the kitchen to find the best variations.  We also had some mashed potatoes on the side, which I had more than 1 serving….oops!


I watched too much TV last night and stayed up too late so I skipped my workout on Tuesday…more to come on that later!  But, I think my diet yesterday wasn’t exactly balanced.  I ate way too many carbs…but it was oh so delicious!

What do you guys think about moderation?  Does it matter if the moderation is within a week’s time frame?


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