Weekend Wrap-Up

Why is it that relaxing weekends always seem to go so much more quickly than others?

This weekend was oh so relaxing.  I left the house twice and both times were for exercise!  Heck yes!  Let’s go back and see what I wanted to accomplish this weekend:

What’s on the agenda for this weekend:

  • Finshing the bottle of wine from our impromptu date on Wednesday
  • Running 4 miles Saturday morning to keep up with my training schedule
  • Watching Lincoln (hopefully).  I didn’t watch it before the Oscars but I’ve started to be really intrigued by Daniel Day Lewis
  • Cleaning the apartment – oh man does it need some spring cleaning
  • Taking a featured exercise class on Sunday as my cross training – Ballet Body Fusion.  We’ll see how it goes, remember Chicago?
  • Being outside!  I really want to sit on the balcony, drinking coffee Look at this forecast:

All of these were done…except watching Lincoln.  Apparently it’s over 2 hours and neither of us had the attention span for that this weekend!  Maybe next weekend.

One thing I did that isn’t on this list is: COOK!  I cooked some pretty delicious meals, if I do say so myself.  The yum’s from the man were a plenty and that’s pretty much how I judge what I cook.  Now’s let’s get to it!

FRIDAY BREAKFAST – I have a love/hate relationship with Greek yogurt.  There are days when I really love it and there days when I take one bite and have to throw it away.  Friday was a ‘love it’ day.  I ate this whole thing!


FRIDAY SNACKS – Dirty fruit and a Kashi bar!


FRIDAY LUNCH – When it came time to eat lunch, I heated up some leftover macaroni and sausage.


This hit the spot and I kept on putting out fires through the afternoon until about 4:30 before I hit the road.  I like  need to leave around 4:30 on Friday’s just so I don’t hit traffic!  I was so looking forward to sitting on the couch and catching up on DVR’d shows (I’m looking at you, Hannibal) and do nothing!

But first, white cheddar popcorn for a snack!!


Then, it was time to make dinner.  On the nights when I have more time to make dinner that takes a little extra effort.  Friday night’s dinner came from one of my favorite cookbooks:


I love Giada’s recipe for salmon with puff pastry.  It is so easy and calls for pesto, which I love!


I heated up frozen puff pastry and salmon in the oven and then placed the (store bought!) pesto on the pastry, then a tomato slice, then salmon.  Eat and enjoy!  Please see wine from impromptu date night.


And then I ate a cupcake!!

SATURDAY – Saturday was a great day.  I woke up, drank some coffee, then made some egg bake from this recipe.  It was delicious!


Then, I lounged around the house, watched TV, ate a banana with peanut butter, then headed out for a run.  I ran 4 (SLOW) miles around some neighborhoods and it was windy and hilly.  It wasn’t a great run, but, hey, it was a run!

For dinner on Saturday, I made enchiladas from SkinnyTaste.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It was delicious.  It was easy to make and made enough for leftovers, which we ate on Sunday.



With a small dollop of Light Daisy sour cream, these enchiladas were absolutely delicious and hit the spot for a Saturday night!!  For dessert, a Reese’s Easter Egg.  So yummy!

SUNDAY – Leftovers ruled the roost for Sunday.  I had toast with peanut butter and banana for breakfast and enchiladas for lunch.

The highlight of the weekend came on Sunday when I went to the gym for a Cross Train day.  I noticed on the class schedule that there was a featured ballet body fusion class at 10 and I figured I’d try it.  Even though I didn’t love the Chicago barre class, I definitely felt it for a few days.  Well, this class included a choreographed ballet dance.  I felt ridiculous!

I leave with this video that pretty much shows what it was like….


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