Blogs I Read

Now that I’m part of the blogging world (not really), I wanted to share the blogs that I read daily/weekly as motivation, inspiration and overall awesome reads!

Blogs I Read Daily:

Everyday I check out these blogs because these ladies are incredible!

Peanut Butter Fingers – Julie Fagan.  Julie’s blog follows her daily life with her husband, Ryan and adorable dog, Sadie.  I love reading about her daily musings, checking out her circuit workouts and being all around jealous impressed by her life!

Carrots ‘N’ Cake – Tina Haupert. Tina’s blog follow her daily life with her husband, Mal and cute as a button pug, Murphy. (Note to self: I need a dog to have a successful blog.  I hope the man sees this!)  Tina is really into Cross Fit and I admire her dedication to her work outs and healthy lifestyle.  She started her blog as a way to help her lose weight for her wedding, so we have that in common.  She has a fierce, strong bod!


6 pack – Source

Cupcakes and Cashmere – Emily Schuman.  Emily’s blog is gorgeous.  She posts great recipes, outfits and her Friday Five Things series is my ultimate favorite.  I love seeing the outfits she puts together and her decor.  I also have a (signed!) copy of her book thanks to someone who lives in Chicago! 🙂

I read these blogs when I have time or my Bloglovin’ email tells me there’s an update that looks interestin:

Kath Eats
Browse Happy – shout out to BFF for her witty and fantastically written blog!
Losing Weight in the City
Style Me Pretty – hello, gorgeous weddings
Apartment Therapy
Sacramento Street

What blogs do you read every day?  Any suggestions?


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