An Impromptu Date Night

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!  How excited are you for the weekend?  I’m pretty pumped to do pretty much nothing.

Yesterday was a pretty good day.  It started at the dermatologist’s office.  I’ve had a small issue with old acne scars and want to get everything fixed before the wedding.  I really like this dermatologist.  She is very thorough and takes as much time as I need to answer all my questions.  I appreciate doctors who spend time with you, but also don’t make you wait forever!

BREAKFAST – After my appointment, I went into the office and immediately ate a Kashi granola bar.


hello old friend

By 11:30 I was starving!  I ran to Jimmy John’s with a colleague and inhaled my sandwich.

LUNCH – Jimmy John’s #4 turkey tom sub with cheese and the majority of the Thinny Chips!


The French bread is amazing

As they say, this is the freshest bread around.  I normally go with an unwich (the sub in a lettuce wrap) but I was so hungry, I wanted the carbs!

Around 3:30, it was time for a snack…in the form of some more Easter candy.


how cute are these?

I ate the one on the far left.  These are the cutest chocolate covered Oreo’s around.  I could have easily eaten the whole pack, but I put them in the break room at the office so I wouldn’t be tempted.  They were gone in a hot minute!

That night, the man and I had our first pre-marriage counseling session.  A few weeks ago we took an online test separately that asks questions about you, your partner, your family and your marriage expectations.  Our session was with a marriage counselor and we went through our initial responses.  Since we are getting married in the Catholic church, we have a little more marriage prep than the average person, like a natural family planning seminar.  And we are not the Duggars (no judgment) but birth control methods will be followed until we’re ready.

All in all, the session was definitely worth it.  We were both skeptical but walked out pleased with our counselor.  He told us that we are vitally compatible and highly committed to each other (thank God)!

After we were finished, we stopped into a wine bar for an impromptu dinner!

We went to Zin Wine Bar in downtown Plymouth and it was our first time there.  The inside was really modern and the hostess was super friendly.  She mentioned that the wine bottles on Wednesday’s are sold for a retail price – no brainer.  We found a Montepulciano (our favorite) bottle for only $12 – sold!


The wine was smooth and hit the spot.  Since we purchased the bottle, Zin re-corked the remaining wine and we plan to enjoy the rest tomorrow!

DINNER – To eat, we ordered a caprese pizza and I ordered a spinach and pear salad, while the man ordered the mac and cheese with gouda and cheddar.  Everything was really, really good!  We had great conversation and great food.  We definitely want to come back!


the internet sensation


2 different kinds of pears


mac and cheese with pieces of gouda on top

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