And so it Begins…

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today was a lovely day.  I recovered from my very first Detroit Red Wings game (so much fun!) by working from home and started my half marathon training.

That’s correct, the half marathon training for the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon has officially begun!  If you recall, my BFF and I are running this race on June 23rd and I’m really excited.  I’ll be sure to describe the training plan we’re following later.

EXERCISE – On today’s training plan, I needed to run 3 miles.  I completed it on the treadmill at the gym in 33:17, which is an 11:06 pace.  I admittedly hate the treadmill/hamster wheel, so the fact that I could keep this pace the whole time, I’m happy with!

Note to self: DON’T EAT REESE’S CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER EGGS before a run.  I ate 2 and they were delicious.  I don’t regret it but I know that I won’t be doing it again.  #thanksmom #Eastercandy

BREAKFAST – For breakfast today, I had a wonderful hazelnut coffee and 2 pieces of toast with butter and strawberry jelly.  It kept me surprisingly full through the morning, but it might have been because I had another cup of coffee about an hour after eating.


First time Chicago mug use!

We have zero food in our place (and we didn’t go grocery shopping tonight) so making lunch was interesting.  I saw a tortilla and shredded cheese so into the microwave those went for a 30 second quesadilla!



SNACKS – I had some jelly beans and tortilla chips in the afternoon before I went to the gym.  I’ve had a past of fainting (including one time on the treadmill in college) and the doctor told me to eat salt before working out so that my body would retain water and I wouldn’t get dehydrated.

The man and I ran to Target to pick up a wedding gift for an upcoming wedding and stopped by Panera for dinner.  I ordered my all time favorite salad – chicken cobb salad with avocado.  I love me some avocado.  I was too hungry to take a picture, but I pretty much ate the whole thing.

It’s almost Wednesday!  On tomorrow’s agenda: Our first marriage prep class (kinda nervous) and another 3 mile run.

What’s on your agenda tomorrow?


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