Pasta Making Class

Happy Good Friday!  Did you have the day off today?  The man and I did – which meant that we were able to drive to my parent’s house in Ohio for a wonderful long Easter weekend with my family!  The drive only takes about 3.5 hours, but today it took about 4!  I guess a lot of people had the day off.

Last weekend was so much fun and I’m actually still recovering from pure exhaustion.  This week was pretty rough and I’m glad it was short!  My friend and I had such a great time at our pasta making class, I wanted to write a post dedicated to the company and the chef.

M found a Groupon (or Living Social, I can’t remember) for a creme brulee making class and we were both looking forward to it! Well, when we went to sign up, that class was full.  Then we saw pasta making!  As an Italian, I love fresh pasta but never made it myself.  My mom made it once when I was growing up and my great-grandmother didn’t know pasta could come in a box.  But she passed away when I was a little girl so I don’t remember it that well.  So, our original plan was derailed but to a better part of town!

The company, Flip Crepes, offers several types of classes, from creme brulee and chocolate mousse to Thai mussels and spring rolls.

 We anticipated the class all day and made sure to swing by Trader Joe’s for some 2-buck Chuck, which actually costs $2.99 but whatever!  And yes, we did spend more money that weekend on Sprinkles Cupcakes and macroons than wine, but you have your priorities!  We ended up picking up a bottle of Shriaz, which I have to say was quite smooth and tasty!

We arrived, signed in, hung up our coats and were greeted by a handsome chef name Chef Reed.  We talked with our table (who turned out to be quite fun!) and poured some wine waiting for the fun that awaited us!


love vino

All the ingredients were on the table already and I was really excited to see what we were going to make.  Chef Reed announced that we were going to make orechiette or ear-shaped pasta.  I’ve never eaten this kind of pasta, as I’m normally a penne or rigatoni kind of girl.  But, here’s to new things!

Chef Reed said we were going to work as a table and start with the dough for the pasta and then make a sauce.  He was really fun, energetic and answered any questions we (I mean I) had.

To make oreccheitte pasta you don’t need that many ingredients:

  • 2 cups Semolina Flour – found at Whole Foods
  • 1 cup water – found at sink
  • Italian herbs, optional

That’s it!!  Isn’t that incredible?!

You pour out the flour, build a mound, then pour the water into the mound.  You kneed the dough, which means folding it over and then turning.  Continue until your wrists and body hurt from so much movement!  When you’re done, saran wrap the dough.


Dough balls

Then, tear the dough, make long like a snake (like you did with Play-Dough as a kid) then cut with a kitchen butter knife into 1/4″ squares.  You flatten those squares and then shape around your thumb.  That’s it!!  It was pretty easy once you got the hang of it, but I think we added too much water because the dough was pretty sticky.  Well, live ‘n learn.


Finished Dough

Then it was time to make the sauce.  We chopped some onions, cherry tomatotes and garlic while the water for the pasta boiled.  We added some olive oil to the other pot and then dumped in the onions until they were soft.  Then went the tomatoes, then the garlic.  If you add the garlic too soon or the pan is too hot, it’ll burn and taste bitter.  Then we added pureed tomatoes and stirred before adding some fresh basil, which smelled amazing!  I love fresh basil.

IMG_0609 IMG_0610

IMG_0614 IMG_0615

IMG_0618 IMG_0620

The above photos: on the left: that’s Chef Reed and the right was our fun table!

We boiled the pasta and then added the cooked pasta to the sauce.  Then it was time to eat!  Besides the fact that the pasta we ate wasn’t the pasta we created, I’d say it was pretty good!

IMG_0624 IMG_0625

All in all, it was a great night and something fun for us to do together.  The pasta was easy to make and something the man and I hope to do together!!

Now, it’s time to watch some basketball – I need Michigan to win for my bracket!


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