Hi All!  Oh boy, what a whirlwind week.  I took off tomorrow to go to Chicago for a girl’s weekend (yay!) so 4-day work weeks always go so quickly!

I met my goal this week of setting up 2 meetings (ka-ching) and I’m so excited to have a nice long weekend and be a lady who lunches tomorrow.  With a cocktail!

Here’s what happened on Tuesday:

EXERCISE – I WOKE UP EARLY!  I got up, ate 1/2 a Kashi bar, got on the treadmill.  It was glorious!  I was so proud of myself.

BREAKFAST  – I had one of my breakfast sandwiches and a clementine!



I had a lunch meeting and was proud of myself for getting salad only.  But then I had a brownie.  Oops.  Hey, I worked out in the morning.  I didn’t take a picture (well, I thought I did and can’t find it on my phone!) for fear of looking like a crazy in front of all my business colleagues.

The positive of working out in the morning, I could come straight home (after a Starbucks!) and actually make dinner.

SNACK – While watching the finale of The Biggest Loser, I snacked on some celery and peanut butter.  What did you think of the finale?  SPOILER – I love that Danni won.  She looks fantastic!


Celery AND Peanut Butter


DINNER – TURKO SALAD.  Again, tacos in this house are made with turkey, so the man will not call them tacos.  I had romaine lettuce, tomato, light sour cream, turkey and cheddar cheese.  Oh so good!


I couldn’t eat all of this

But of course, there was room for these:


Thank you, wonderful fiance!

I have to say that one week per month (ladies) there are no rules.  If I want chocolate, I want chocolate.  These sliced loaf double chocolate cakes were amazing!  I had 2 one night, 2 the next night, and then 2 today.  YUMMMY!

Wednesday was crazy and I won’t give too many details, so I’ll just give you some pictures!  Also, yesterday, I came home from a work event and didn’t want to go to the gym.  But the words: You’ll Never Regret a Work out were ringing in my head…or actually the man was literally saying them to me!  So, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the arc trainer! Yayy me!


Strawberries, blueberries and hazelnut coffee


Skinny Vanilla Latte – Aruba background on my computer!


Leftover hamburger helper for lunch

Lunch wasn’t too filling and I had a work event with tons of fried food and drinks.  I was proud of myself for only drinking water and ate some veggies, but couldn’t pass up these fried mac and cheese balls!


yummy veggies with balsamic vinegar


chicken with green beans – I ate about half of what you see

Is it Friday yet?

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