Sunday Funday

Wow!  What a weekend!  Even today was a whirlwind.

The day started out with Mass at a new church.  We went to the church where we are taking our marriage preparation classes, so it was great to see the pastor in action!

Then we headed to the grocery store for our weekly shopping trip.

Here’s what we’re going to eat this week (in no particular order):

Menu with strawberries


What do you think of this graphic?  I thought the burst was fun…no?  Did you notice the turkos?  The man will not call them tacos if they are made with turkey meat….whatever!

I worked on the blog for some time, watching some Bravo and taking a nap!  Have I mentioned how much I love, love, love Bravo and Andy Cohen?  Well, if I haven’t, I love all things @bravoandy!

I played around with a recipe for homemade and healthy egg McMuffins, inspired by The Yummy Life!  I had one for breakfast today and it was amazing!  I’ll post the recipe later.

Then, I drank some tea while reading the latest Us Weekly!  Who else is ready for this royal baby?  Kate is the chic-est pregnant woman ever!


I love that the steam was captured!

DINNER – When it was time for dinner, I didn’t want to make anything and we got pizza at the store!  The man will never say no to pizza and when I’m in the mood for pizza, he lets me pick the brand.  I chose margherita pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.  Yes please!  I had a salad on the side.


Hey tomatoes!

My goals for work outs this week:

  • Do one work out in the morning (I’m looking at you, Tuesday!)
  • Do more circuit work outs
  • Run, Run, Run!

Here’s to a great week!



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