To Rome With Love

Happy Weekend!  The man and I had the plan to do absolutely nothing this weekend, well…that’s not exactly how it happened.  But, we had a great weekend.  Here’s what happened on Friday!

BREAKFAST – A shocking breakfast!  A Kashi trail mix bar.  It’s so delicious.  The one negative of only eating a granola bar for breakfast is that it doesn’t fill me up for hours.  I need a little more protein in breakfasts.   I should have added some fruit to the mix.  Lesson learned!


Trail Mix

LUNCH – With Lent still around, I needed some fish in my life!  Whole Foods is running a sale on sushi on Fridays, which is great because I love their sushi!  It’s simple, fresh and usually involves avocado!  Yes please.  I normally go for tuna and avocado or salmon avocado.  I decided to switch it up today and go with a shrimp tempura.  When I go out to dinner at a sushi place, I love caterpillar rolls and shrimp tempura, so I was excited!  Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed.  Tempura is better if purchased before it’s made.  Good note!


Love tempura sauce!

I was so ready to come home and do nothing with the man!  I inhaled some snacks of Pringles and popcorn immediately upon arrival.

We had plans to sit on the couch and watch a movie.  I was hoping for Pitch Perfect, but that’s not what he wanted to watch.  Then, we saw To Rome with Love.

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Woody Allen movies, mostly because he’s married to his step-daughter, but this one was great!  The characters spoke in Italian, the scenery was gorgeous and Alec Baldwin is definitely sexy!  (Note: If you watch 30 Rock, that’s the Alec Baldwin I love.  Not the real life Alec!)  The movie was Love Actually -esque, where it followed around several different story lines, but none of it made that much sense.  But, anything about Rome I’ll watch!

DINNER – We split a bottle of Malbec in order of the new Pope and had some cheese ravioli!  We ate Buitoni Four Cheese Ravioli with sauce – I had alfredo sauce and the man had marinara!  The wine hit the spot and it was great to just snuggle up on the couch with wine watching Rome!  Perfection.


Huge wine glasses are always the way to go


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