Well, I ate fried pickles

What a day yesterday was!  I had a “meeting” from 10 – 4:30.  I guess you can’t really call that a meeting, it’s probably more of a seminar or conference.  It was a pretty insightful meeting and my team all went out for happy hour after wards, whichs is very nice of my boss!  But more on that later. BREAKFAST – I wanted a filling breakfast because I wasn’t sure when lunch would be served during the colossal meeting.  I actually came into the office at 7:15 yesterday morning and was the only soul in the place.  At my old job, if I arrived at 7:15, I would be considered late.  Boy, how time’s have changed.  I ate breakfast around 8:30 and that huge dollop of peanut butter stole the show!  I combined the oats, chia seeds and 1% milk the night before and then added the cinnamon and peanut butter in the morning.  I didn’t get hungry until 11:30 – why don’t I eat this every day?



Large meetings are always interesting.  You want to be focused and not check your email, but sometimes, that’s just impossible.  I couldn’t focus anymore, especially when my stomach started grumbling.  I knew I was ready for food!

LUNCH – What else to eat for lunch when it’s catered besides Panera?  I ate some yummy fruit, 3/4 Sierra turkey sandwich (boy that bread is delicious), half a bag of Baked Lays and half a chocolate chip cookie. 


Colorful fruit


holy focaccia.


When the meetings were over, the team went out for drinks/appetizers and I drank a glass of chianti and chomped on some veggies, a mozzarella stick and 2 fried pickles.  And that’s what I ate for dinner.  I wasn’t hungry when I got home, so I just went to bed.  And I wasn’t starving this morning.  I guess that huge Panera lunch did the trick!

Happy Friday!!  My weekend’s going to be jam-packed with wedding to-do lists, some blog updates (be on the lookout!) and my work presentations.  Man, do you think I have time to go to yoga tomorrow?!


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