Kashi Bar Obsession

Yesterday was Monday and it was absolutely crazy!  I realized I pretty much forgot to eat.  I woke up not feeling too sore, my left knee hurt a little bit and I didn’t necessarily feel the need to work out.  So I didn’t!  You know what, I’m okay with that.  I’ve realized that I really need to get back into working out in the mornings.  Based on today (yes, today I chose wine over a workout, a post to come) and yesterday, it’s so easy to choose sitting on the couch over a workout.  New goal: work out tomorrow morning!!

BREAKFAST – A KASHI BAR!  I have a huge Kashi bar obsession, can you tell?  They are just so delicious and quick.  I love, love, love.  I tried a new hazelnut coffee and I’m not sure yet how I feel about it.  The first few times, I think there’s some getting used to for how strong or weak it should be….I’ll give it a few days.


Peanut Butter and a Banana!!


LUNCH – I couldn’t believe it was time for lunch and I brought leftover chicken noodle soup, but when I reheated it….no good.  So,



Jimmy John’s…FAST!  I ordered a turkey tom unwich without cheese.  I can’t decide how I feel about the addition of cucumbers in place of sprouts.  Sprouts were my favorite part of the sandwich, but I do love cucumbers.  What do you think?

I didn’t leave the office until 6ish and when someone offers you Girl Scout Samoa’s at 5:45…you eat them!  I had 2.5 Samoa’s, and I’m okay with that!

SNACK – KETTLE CHIPS.  I ate 20 chips, which is the serving size.  All good.


These chips make me want to go to Cape Cod

DINNER – Since I didn’t work out, I actually had the opportunity to make dinner.  (See, another reason to work out in the morning)!  I made whole wheat rigatoni pasta, andouille sausage with marinara sauce (my homemade sauce!) and green beans.  I didn’t eat everything on the plate, but I did eat all the green beans!


The ingredients


The finished product…with my shadow

This meal was quite tasty!  I definitely like that sausage.  I learned today that not every day is great day for exercise, but I ate fairly well to balance it out.  Not every day is a great day, but it can still be a good day!


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