Cork Town 5K Race 2013

Sunday was a great day for us! It started off bright and early as we headed out to Detroit’s Cork Town 5K!  An Irish theme race, I’m so game!

First the fuel!

BREAKFAST – Protein! Protein!


2 pieces of wheat toast and peanut butter


On the way I ate a peanut butter granola bar after downing some Gatorade

We arrived at the race and everyone was dressed in costume!!


so much green – do you see him?!


We aren’t creative…

We didn’t start running until noon, so we jumped around, looked at the costumes and got psyched for the race!  My goal was to just run the whole time, that’s it.  Simple goals are always easier for me to complete, so I liked it.


And we’re off!

I used my RunKeeper app to keep track of everything and it was so nice to have someone talk to me telling me how far it’d been and how fast I was going.  It definitely helped.  The race went well, the man and I ran together the whole time…yes, we ran the whole time!  Mission accomplished! Another cool thing about the RunKeeper app is that it tells you how fast you ran each mile!


I’m okay with this!

Can you tell mile 2 was down hill?  All in all, an average pace of 10:15 is a great start for my half marathon training – it can only go up from here!

After the race, I inhaled a shamrock cookie, a banana, 1 potato and cheese perogi (oh so good!) and another granola bar!  I was so hungry!!


where’s the 4th leaf?


Finished an Irish 5K with a Guinness, how else?

We had a great time and I think we’ll definitely do it next year.

We came home, I iced both my knees (I think I need new shoes) and then I made a nice bowl of shrimp alfredo.  I took a picture, but my phone deleted it…grr!! I used shrimp, Barilla Plus pasta and light alfredo sauce from Bertolli.  Filling and amazing! And then, a couple spoonfuls of cannoli ice cream!  I don’t care, we ran today!!!

We had a great weekend, but I wish we slept a little more!  Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Cork Town 5K Race 2013

  1. Good Job on Your 5k! We are working towards our first one and have to say how fun it is to see the great time others are having!

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