Fish Fry!!

What a Friday!  I love Fridays.  And who doesn’t.

Yesterday morning was intense work-wise but I coasted through the afternoon and met with the man and his work friends for happy hour and dinner at a local Irish pub.  It’s exactly what I wanted on a Friday during Lent!

I must say that I am starting to feel smaller so that’s a positive.  I haven’t seen much of a change on the scale, but that will come.  I care more about the feeling than a number anyway.  Now, let’s see how I did yesterday!

BREAKFAST – Kashi granola bar and hazelnut coffee.  Coffee is so necessary, especially on Friday’s when I’m so excited for 5:00!


Peanut Butter!

When it was time for lunch, I realized what I brought wasn’t Catholic friendly!  I brought leftover chicken noodle soup….chicken!! OH NO!  I thought about eating around the chicken, but who wants chicken broth for lunch?  Not me.  I decided to save it until Monday.  A friend wanted to swing by HomeGoods for some pillows for her new apartment, so I went with her and come out $40 poorer!  But, I got 5 frames!  We got our engagement pictures back in November, we ordered them in December and now it’s March and we’re just now framing them.  We still have some to frame, but it’s a start.

On our errand run, we stopped by Whole Foods!  My all-time favorite.  Sushi is on sale on Friday’s during Lent and boy was I excited.  I was also excited about all the samples!!

LUNCH –  Samples, blueberries and a tuna avocado roll!




Hello chips and guac! The corn avocado salsa is amazing


Bruschetta mix on a piece of Italian bread


Sumo Citrus – a cross between an orange and a mandarin orange, quite tasty


Finally – the sushi!

Those samples really do help in keeping you full.  I also had a little piece of cod marinated in some citrus.  It was a sample and amazing.  I will probably be purchasing the marinate for some fish during Lent.

As the day winded down, I was excited to meet up with friends and enjoy some cocktails and food!

I ordered 2 vodka and soda cocktails with 2 limes.  Tasty enough to satisfy my want for alcohol and doesn’t totally destroy the diet.



What will kill your diet?  Fried food!  I split an appetizer of spinach and artichoke dip with 2 other people and then I split an order of fish and chips with the man.  I only ate one of the fish and a handful of fries.  This was nice because it satisfied my want for fried food, but I didn’t indulge too much.  I was satisfied and felt pretty okay with it!  All in all, I was pretty pleased with my day.  I’m really looking forward to the 5K on Sunday! 🙂


lots of artichoke chunks!


Only ate one of the fish pieces


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