Tone It Up

Have I mentioned here how much I love Starbucks?  If I could afford going every single day, I would seriously consider.  It always makes the day start off a better foot.

So, this morning, I swung by a different Starbucks than usual and the line was out the door!  I just couldn’t walk away – I wanted that skinny vanilla latte!

BREAKFAST – So I enjoyed my grande skinny vanilla latte and at only 130 calories, it is worth every penny in my diet bank account.  I also enjoyed a Kashi bar.


Worth the wait!

I had several meetings this morning, so the day flew by! And I didn’t even think about lunch until my way home from a meeting around 12:30.

We have ZERO food in the house, so I swung by Whole Foods for a sandwich.

LUNCH – A caprese sandwich on multi-grain bread.  I devoured it!!


Hello Gorgeous

Sandwiches to me mean something crunchy, soft cheeses and olive oil.  This sandwich was top notch. I will totally order this again.

SNACK – I wanted something chocolate-y so I had another granola bar.


80 calories!

By the time the work day was over, it was time to head to the grocery store!  We needed food no question about it.  When we arrived, I noticed a cookie store.  I just had to go in…and order a snickerdoodle cookie.  It was so good!! And totally worth it!  We picked up mostly healthy things at the store, lots of fruits and veggies – but we also got some not so good things…frozen pizza?!

EXERCISE – Have you seen the ladies over at Tone It Up?  Not only are they ripped like crazy, but they post work outs that are easy to do at home, get your heart rate up and, if you stick with it, will get you ripped!!  Today, I completed their Love Your Abs work out.

Man, did I feel this work out!  I’ll definitely be doing it again.

DINNER – Quick and simple…frozen Palermo frozen pizza!


some many carbs

While this day was pretty much full of cheese and bread, I still don’t think today was a total loss.  I can absolutely tell a difference when I pick up the cardio and eat more veggies.  I don’t feel as sluggish and feeling thin is great!  But I am and always will be a girl who would rather burn off calories than say no to cake.  I don’t believe that nothing tastes as good as thin feels; have you ever had Giolitti gelato in Rome?  If not, you should!  It is amazing!  What are your thoughts?

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