Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

Happy Friday!  Boy, do I love Friday’s!  Who doesn’t?

I figured I start this post by discussing my latest goal: run the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon on June 23rd.

My BFF and I have run 2 half marathons together and we both decided we needed a new goal for the summer.  We both are focused on losing weight (she’s done incredibly well and looks fantastic!) and training keeps us focused.  It’s always nice to have a buddy, not only for race day, but for training.  She lives in Chicago so we’re using the powers of social media as a way to hold us accountable.

Training doesn’t technically begin until April 2nd, but between now and then we’re training for training!  The 5k on Sunday will definitely be a good indicator of where I am.  We are using one of Hal Higdon’s training schedules and RunKeeper to keep track.

RunKeeper is an app you can download to your iPhone or Android phone and uses GPS technology to show how far you ran, your pace and total time.  The man actually used it on our freezing run the other day.  The best part of this app is you can share your runs with your friends.  This is how we’re going to hold ourselves accountable.  Each run we’ll share with each other just to see what our pace is and if we really went as far as we were supposed to!

I’m excited to train and run a race specifically for women.  It sounds extremely empowering and will be nice to see both our guy’s cheering for us from the sidelines!!

Stay tuned – I’ll be sure to share some stories (both good and bad!) on how it’s going.

6 thoughts on “Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

    • Thanks!! Just popped over to your blog. Good luck with your training, as well! A full marathon, very impressive. We’ll have to compare notes!

  1. I’m running the Women’s Half in Chicago too! My mom and I are going to do it together and my “official” training starts April 1st. I already have a good base and really want to do well in June! that will be my midway point to my first marathon in October. Good luck training!!

    • That’s so great that you’re running with your mom. Good luck with training and good luck with the full marathon training! My hat is off to you!

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