Brothers and Sisters

Hello Hello!

Wednesday turned out to be quite a good day.  Work was relatively great, my workout went well and I ate pretty well!  Win, win, win.  Let’s get on to it!

BREAKFAST – I had a Kashi granola bar for breakfast (are you sensing a pattern)?


Honey Almond Flax – always delicious

I had kept on chugging along until 12:30 and decided it was time for some fuel to continue through the day.

LUNCH – Lunch was well-rounded and I stayed satisfied throughout the day.  I had a toast whole wheat sandwich with turkey and mozzarella cheese, cottage cheese, strawberries and 2 Dove chocolates.  So yummy!!


Good thing it tastes better than it looks


Toasted bread makes a sandwich so much better

I was really in the mood for a great cardio workout, so after work I headed to the gym for a 30 minute elliptical work out.  I love Netflix!  Like, seriously addicted to streaming!  The man and I are loving 30 Rock – Tina Fey is a genius and the funniest woman on television.  When I’m on the elliptical, I like to watch something that isn’t too funny because I don’t want to laugh like a crazy, so that leaves out 30 Rock.  I can’t watch anything that will make me cry, so Grey’s Anatomy is out.  I have been watching Say Yes to the Dress not simply because I can watch 2 episodes per work out, but it’s motivation!!  Brothers and Sisters has become my new choice not only because it’s 40 minutes long per episode, but it’s not too dramatic or funny.  There are some episodes that make me weep like a baby – hence someone’s cancer or another’s fertility issues.  The show makes me want to have a really big family someday with siblings in the same area who all know the ins and outs of each other’s lives.  It seems so fun, but then again, it is T.V.  Now, onto the work out.

EXERCISE – I completed a 30 minute elliptical work out at 13 incline and 3 resistance.  I was sweating!  I love feeling strong and I definitely felt strong!  I then did some a quick plank workout and swung by Panera for dinner!

DINNER – Who doesn’t love Panera?  I ordered a U Pick 2 with a chicken cobb salad, baked potato soup (I only ate half) and some chips.  I wasn’t stuffed but I was satisfied.


I love Panera packaging

SOMETHING SWEET – I wanted something sweet later that night (while getting creamed at the game shows) so I had a Nature Valley dark chocolate granola bar.


yum – bad flash

What’s your favorite way to pass the time on an elliptical?

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