Adult Snow Day


Start the day with eggs!

In high school, winter time always held the hope that there would be a snow day.  A day not only for no school, but a day for sledding, hot chocolate, fun times with friends and no school – oh, did I say that already?

As an adult, snow days mean no travel.  No going into the office, but the work still needs to get done.  The plus side, the man and I both got to stay home.  It was wonderful eating breakfast together but then we separated so I could take part in my several conference calls of the day!

BREAKFAST – The eggs above and a rather large bowl for fresh fruits to share.  Coffee is somehow always more delicious from home because I can use the Keurig, which I love!  I love having coffee so quickly and it is so delcious.  Green Mountain Hazelnut anyone?


One bowl, two forks

We both worked, worked, worked through the morning and by lunchtime rolled around, I only had one thing on my mind: grilled cheese and tomato soup!!

LUNCH – Grilled cheese (mine with mozzarella, the man with American) and a shared bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup.  It really hit the spot!


Absolutely delicious

SNACK – I was hungry pretty much immediately after eating the sandwich, so I devoured an apple with peanut butter


Hits the spot every time

The great thing about working from home is when the clock strikes 5 (or usually 5:30), there’s no need to get in the car!  You’re already home.  This sure does make dinner time easy!

DINNER – Reheated tacos (or turkos as the man calls it because they are made with turkey and not beef).  I made myself a salad with romaine lettuce, shrimp, a dollop of light Daisy sour cream and cherry tomatoes.  Simple, yummy!


Little shrimpies

Our new nightly ritual has become watching game shows (hello Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy)!  It is so fun to see what you know and how quickly you can answer the puzzle.  We have a very competitive house…so it can get intense!

I munched on some Stacy’s cinnamon pita chips because who doesn’t love cinnamon?


No bag necessary!

All in all, this snow day wasn’t as awesome as school days, but, we’ll take it! Drive safely!



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