Back on Track

How was your Monday?  Monday’s are always crazy for me – filled with status meetings and updates and sometimes it’s hard to fit in eating correctly and exercising.  But yesterday, I did it!!

Let’s just dive right in:

BREAKFAST – yesterday started off correctly with a yummy banana.


such a great way to start the day

LUNCH – Leftover chicken, rice and snap peas heated in the microwave.  Can you tell I just at lunch at my desk?



SNACK – About an hour later I was in desperate need for some caffeine.  So I opted to stop by Starbucks and walk around Whole Foods, one of my all time favorite activities!


One Tall Skinny Carmel Macchiato, please!

At Whole Foods, I bought some Kashi bars!


Trail Mix!

EXERCISE – I stuck to my schedule and went to the gym for some cardio and legs.  I jumped on the treadmill, but about half a mile in, my foot started to hurt and I just seriously couldn’t run anymore!  How pathetic.  The one day I’m ready for some cardio and it’s horrible!  I was able to finish 1 mile and you know what, that’s better than nothing.  Then I went over to the free weights area and I completed the following:

  • Calf Raises
  • Squats
  • Dead Lifts
  • Stretches

Nothing too outrageous or strenuous, but it counts!

DINNER – Dinner tonight was absolutely wonderful. My man was craving some Italian sausage, so the below came about:


Hello Sweet Tea!

Italian Sausage, Barilla Plus rotini pasta, orange, red and green peppers topped with parmesan cheese.  Delicious!!

All in all, I’m pleased with this Monday.  I should mention that I did eat one HIT cookie at the checkout at the grocery store…but it was free.  If it doesn’t count in my real bank account, should it count in my calorie bank account?  I think not!




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