Weekly Roundup

Happy Monday!  Is it just me or do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the weekend and too many during the week?

This weekend was a great one.  My parents came to visit and we ate at several restaurants that we’ve been wanting to try.
Friday – we had dinner at home with some fish my mom and I picked up from Whole Foods and some pretty yummy white wine.
Saturday – dinner at Bario Tacos & Tequila.  Wow.  Not only was it super delicious, but it was fast.  We ordered some guac and then our entrees and they arrived a few minutes after the guac.  My mom and I split the fish tacos and I sipped on a delicious sangria.  Bario has the biggest tequila list I’ve ever seen.  The guac was served in a mochachete which was super fun!


Photo: barriomi.com

Sunday – we went to Chammps because the man & my dad wanted to watch sports.  I ordered a steak salad.

MENU – Here’s what I’m thinking for a menu this week:

  • Italian Sausage Sandwiches with Peppers
  • Taco Night – our Mexican experience got us in the mood
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup
  • Leftover Lasagna with Green Beans

WORK OUTS – My friend and I signed up for another half marathon (a post will come soon) so this week will consist of seeing where I am in terms of how much training I need to do.  Also, with my dress fitting this past weekend, it’s time to kick everything up a notch!

  • Monday – Run with circuit training focusing on arms and abs
  • Tuesday – Slow Burn Yoga 5:45
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Some cardio and legs
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – (National Marquette Day!) Yoga at 10
  • Sunday – (The Lion King!) Long Run

Looks like it’s going to be a tough week! I’m ready. What’s on your plate this week?

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