A Great Start

Yesterday, was our one year engaged-versary.  It was the best day of my entire life and I can’t believe it was a year ago already.  Time has flown and we’re about 8 months away from the big day. Time to kick the fitness into high gear!

Onto the meals from yesterday:

BREAKFAST – I started off the day with a vanilla yogurt!


Do you see a pattern?

SNACK –  A Cutie!  Boy do I love these things! 🙂


LUNCH – At the grocery, we bought this delicious Italian bread and all I wanted was a turkey sandwich.  So, I had some turkey, American cheese, light mayo and Italian bread with an apple on the side.


I toasted the bread!

DINNER – I had a special dinner in mind – homemade lasagna (my family has a special recipe for sauce) with green beans and a salad.  We cracked open a bottle of vino from our trip to Italy that was absolutely amazing.  It may not have been the greatest dinner health-wise, but my taste buds were so pleased


A wonderful romantic dinner

EXERCISE – I did Bethenny’s Skinnygirl workout DVD.  I did 20 minutes, which wasn’t a lot but I needed to do something and had to make the lasagna.  I’m glad I did something and I needed the stretching!


I did the yoga in the dark!

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