Why I Love Yoga

I used to think yoga was way too ooommm and not enough of a work out to be worth it.  Sure, I had read all the US Weekly articles where celebs like Jennifer Aniston raved about yoga, but I just couldn’t get into it.  I couldn’t touch my toes when I bent forward and figured I would just embarrass myself.

Boy was I wrong, except for the embarrassment part.

I started simple – I bought a DVD.  I should mention that I have a slight obsession with Bethenny Frankel.  Not so much anymore with all the divorce drama; I loved watching her shows and thought Jason loved her and was a wonderful father.  But, you have to admit, that right after she had her baby, she looked incredible in her bikini.  She credits yoga and her healthy diet.  I read her book Naturally Thinbut I didn’t think that her rules were that great for the everyday woman.  She says you can eat whatever you want, just watch your portions.  One thing was, if she ordered filet mignon, she would only eat a few bits.  Now, I’ve order filet plenty of times and I have a hard time eating a few bites of anything that will cost me $50.

I digress.


Bethenny has a rockin’ bod from yoga (or so she says). Source

I bought Bethenny’s DVD – Body by Bethenny.  It’s a 40-minute workout DVD where there’s Bethenny and a yoga expert who do all the poses.  The expert talks you through all the poses and why you do them, which I thought was beneficial for a beginner.  I was shocked by how much I could actually feel the workouts and would sweat.  And sweat like crazy.

I kept up with Body by Bethenny for a few months, probably doing it once a week.  I could finally reach my toes!  I guess stretching really does have benefits.  Then, my roommate at the time realized that Lululemon offered free yoga classes on weekends.  This is where I fell in love with yoga.  I realized that not only do your abs get a work out but your quads and arms will shake like a leaf!

Now, I’m trying to go to yoga twice a week.  It helps that my gym offers free classes several days a week but going on Sundays is my favorite.  It’s packed but the teacher really stretches all the muscles that I’ve worked out the week before.  I’m excited for my next class tomorrow!  I’ll write a full post on it tomorrow, as well as my weekly planning for meals and work outs!



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