The Beginning…

Well Hello, There! Happy Wednesday.

This week has been absolutely crazy at work and I have to admit something right off the bat: I am an emotional eater.  Last night when I came home, I immediately ate 2 cannoli cups that I made for our Super Bowl party, and they were delicious.  I’ll be sure to post a recipe later.

On to the eats of the day:

Breakfast: This morning I enjoyed a delicious yogurt parfait with low fat vanilla yogurt, strawberries and maple brown sugar granola.  I also had a mug full of hazelnut coffee with skim milk and 2 Truvia packets.  I love this breakfast – it keeps me full and focused…oh wait, did I still that from somewhere?



Dannon Yogurt!


Don’t you love my “bowl”


LUNCH: Panera.  I ordered a U Pick 2 with chicken cobb avocado salad and baked potato soup.  I was so hungry, I forgot to snap a pic!  I also got a free iced tea with my My Panera card!


Going to Yoga – Let’s use this as the “Before” Picture

I just got home from work and am downing some water before I head off to do some downward facing dogs!  Yoga class tonight at the gym.

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